Friday Night Jam Night

Corrigan wears his “My Daddy is Tougher than Your Daddy” t-shirt all of the time.  Truth be told, it is probably true (no offense to the fathers of your children!)  The Mooney men tend to be rough and tumble, don’t-take-any-crap kind of guys.

On Friday, Mark went down the hall to get a shower and shave and came out completely bald.We were all a bit….stunned. Well, not all of us. Just me, Connor and the neighbors.  Corrigan though, he was amused.  I wish that I had the video camera ready for when Corrigan first saw his Daddy without any hair.

He immediately wanted picked up and then stared, open-mouthed, at Mark and laughed. Honest-to-goodness, he kept looking at Mark’s face, then up at the top of his head, and then laughing. This went on for 5 minutes.  It had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.

Eventually, Corrigan quit giggling and pulled Mark’s head down to give it a kiss. (Awww!) and then spent the rest of the evening, surprised again and again, each time he looked at Mark and remembered that he had no hair. He has a very strange short-term memory.

Anyway, the hair (or lack of it) makes Mark look completely different. Tougher?

Mean, I think.

Don’t let the expression fool you though. He is a teddy bear for his boys. And on Friday evenings he turns into a big kid for them.  It is video games, all night long with Connor (this weekend Connor was off to a friend’s house) and after Corrigan’s bath, and before bed, it is time to get some toddler tunes in the house.  It has been christened “Friday Night Jam Night.”  This is the night that Mark drags out whatever musical insturments we have around the house, without worrying about whether Corrigan will break anything or not, and he and Corrigan jam out.

Usually the first thing that they play is guitar but this week Corrigan wanted to sing.

Corrigan’s song of choice is Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” and has been since he was a tiny baby.  He calls it the “you dun dun” song.

Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it. I tried to be chill but you so hot that I melted…

I interrupted the concert for a Daddy/Corrigan shot.

See? A teddy bear for his boys.

The festivities then moved to our bedroom where they broke out the bongos.  Bongos are really great for toddlers with lots of energy.  Corrigan can really get his hands ‘a flyin’ on there and they just crack me up singing and whacking away.

Though I think that Mark’s lack of hair was still a bit distracting for Corrigan at first..

Corrigan always lets Daddy play a bit first and concentrates on what he is doing before he gets the nerve to join in…

And then he is off…

wooo boy….

After awhile, Corrigan got bored and ran off.  When he returned he brought his blankie (named “nigh nigh”) and looked straight at Mark and said, “A poo!” and then tossed his it over Mark’s head.

He wanted to play “Peek a Boo”

“A Poo”

C’mon, that’s adorable.

So yeah, he is 2 1/2 years old, on paper but his developmental level is much younger. Peek-a-boo still cracks Corrigan up and Mark loves little kids and their little-kid games so he is always up for a game of “A Poo!”

I don’t know. There is just something so neat watching your big, tough husband playing Peek-a-Boo on a Friday night.  I really feel like there is no place else he would rather be than right there, underneath that stinky, dog-hair covered “nigh nigh” blankie and it warms my heart.

So what did you do this weekend???

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Jam Night

  1. These are the memories that will never go away. Plus Mark is teaching your boys how to be an awesome Dad. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us your family memories.


  2. Matt says he likes Mark better bald. Go figure! The bald head brotherhood 🙂 It always cracks me up how people react to the bald head in public.


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