16 thoughts on “A Mooney Mystery

  1. OH NO! Last night, we heard Li’l Empress chattering away after “lights out” so I went to check on her. ONLY to find her STANDING up on her bed, one foot perched on the headboard, looking out the window of her room. The window that is set HIGHER than normal windows in the rest of the house are set. UGH.

    And thanks for stopping by. In KA’s defense, I guess they figure the plastic gears are easier and cheaper for all concerned to repair than a whole burned out motor would be! Professional grade series is the only truly “heavy duty” for me, now. Just gotta start saving. And saving. And saving!


  2. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting!

    I am still not convinced that he did not add his beanbag to the trampoline…or his ToyStory chair because yeah, that is def. a lot of air for a little trampoline, though he is admittedly a lot taller than the animated guy on the photo. lol.


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