Toddler Tyranny

Oh the fluid emotions of a toddler.  One second he is chuckling with happiness at something the dog does (like walking by) and the next he is in anguish over…well…anything.

In the span of four hours he can be reduced to tears over many different things.  For instance….

*He wants a bath at 9am and is told “no”

*I dare to change his diaper. Ever.

*He cannot get his own pants off fast enough. For a bath that he thinks he is getting. And is not.

*I tell him “no” when I spot him trying to remove the diaper too.

*He throws the ball and it…I don’t know…leaves his hands? What does he expect it to do?

*He wants to go outside in 3 degree weather and is told that he cannot.

*He points to Dora on Netflix, I hit “play” and 5 seconds into the intro song he decides he hates Dora.

*His blanket is under his own butt and he wants to put it on his head.

*He asks for a bath at 10am and is told “no”

*I offer him some banana.

*I won’t give him coke to drink for breakfast.

*I won’t let him play in the refrigerator

*I tell him “no” when he hits “start” on the dishwasher.

*He is not allowed to pull trash out from the kitchen trash.

*I will not let him jump from the arm of the couch to the hardwood floors below.

*He gets his head stuck under the couch, dining room chair, exercise trampoline.

*I try to comb his hair.

*I try to brush his teeth.

*I ask him to sit for a moment while I put food into his feeding tube.

*Connor won’t pick him up.

*He asks for a bath at noon, 3pm and 3:06.

*I sit down.

*I do not draw him an elephant fast enough when asked. He loves when I draw elephants.

*Daddy won’t let him play with his phone (“Go get Mommy’s phone!”)

*5 minutes into any attempt at playing with a box, bag or laundry basket.

and at Naptime.

(Actually, any try at getting him to sleep between the hours of 1am and 8pm.)

Which is why I am blogging at 3am. And he is crying because I won’t let him climb into Connor’s bed and jump on his brother’s head.


Toddlers are terrorists and we must refuse to negotiate with them. I will stand firm in the face of tyranny!

Just not until the sun comes up. In the darkest hours of the night, when the rest of the town is sleeping, I am weak.  I will give in to nearly any demand to have some peace at 3:00 in the morning.

Go ahead and ask me for a bath, Little Man. You win.

3 thoughts on “Toddler Tyranny

  1. If he only knew that you being the “Rock” in his young life will cause him to be a “Rock” for someone he loves when they need it.

    But why does it have to be so hard.


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