Things are upside down around here. After a decade of living in our current home we are moving.  We have a lot of stuff shoved into every corner and closet in this shoebox and sifting through all of it has been very little fun.

There have been a few discoveries as we are cleaning out.  Before we started both Mark and I had a short list of things that have been missing for years and years that we hoped we would stumble upon while packing up and so far we have only found one of those things.

It felt like I won though when I did find a Nintendo DS game that I purchased (and misplaced) for Connor in 2008.  That is what happens when I start shopping too early for Christmas though.  While I was jumping up and down when I found the game tucked between sleeveless shirts in a box of my summer clothes (really Mindy?), I do not think that Connor was all that impressed.  What? Thirteen year old boys do not care about Kirby, for Nintendo, games? Oh well, I was happy!

I came across my term paper from my junior year of high school (1991 represent!) and was totally bragging when I showed Mark my perfect score (400/400!) and did a little dance.  I brought it up to show Connor because I am pretty sure he thinks that I am an idiot.  I also came across a big English project in which the teacher assigned us the task of presenting an entire book, in diary/journal form, as a main character in the book that we chose. Each chapter of the book had to be a journal entry. I chose The Andromeda Strain and I cannot wait to sit down and read through it again soon.  That was one of my favorite assignments in all of high school.  I have thought about that assignment often and sometimes, in really character heavy books, I imagine telling the story from a single character’s point of view just like we did in 10th grade.

We found lots of old artwork from Connor’s preschool days and there was a hiccup in our reminiscing when Mark found a piece of paper tucked among other papers that was titled, “Words that Connor can say at 19 months old.” It was a list of over 60 words, of which Corrigan can only say two, at 33 months old…”Ball” and “Bye.”

We shook it off though, we are working hard on focusing on what Corrigan can do instead of what he can’t so we didn’t let it get us down but it was a sobering moment.

The trash, oh my goodness, the bags and bags of trash to take to the landfill is embarrassing.  Talk about too much consumption.  Although it feels really good to purge the old stuff from the basement I was slightly sick with guilt over the things that were used to little and then tossed downstairs because we were bored of them.  It was also headache-inducing going through the numerous containers of clothing that I have saved for ten years hoping that I would one day fit back into that size again.  These days, I buy very little clothing for myself and 99% of those pieces come from Goodwill but my younger self had no problem spending $30.00 on a t shirt that I only wore a few times.

Packing up the stuff in the living area of the house is slow going. Until we can get into the new house, I have little space for full boxes so things are kind of at a stand-still in that area. We are only moving about 7 miles away, same school district, and closer to my old childhood stomping grounds.  It has been fun to imagine where we will place our furniture in the new location and even looking ahead to our first Christmas there but it is bittersweet because this house has been our home for a long time.  There are so many memories in this little rancher and my neighbors are just the very best that anyone could ever ask to have living next door.  We are so ready for a fresh start, and Lord knows we need the space (each boy will have their own bedroom and Connor actually has his own bathroom!) but I know I will cry when I walk out my front door for the last time.

I am a novice at properly packing for a move though. Do you have any tips on how to pack up so that things arrive in one piece, or how to stay organized during the move? I am open to all suggestions!

7 thoughts on “moving

  1. Ah…moving. While I was happy we moved over 6 years ago (to school district best for our kids’ special needs) we were very sad to leave the home where so much life happened. Good and bad.

    We started packing early. Boxes stacked up against the wall marked properly. When we moved, 4 or 5 friends helped on this end and the kids rooms were unpacked that night. Their boxes were a priority with huge colored paper taped to the outside so everyone knew.

    Good luck! Fresh starts are good.


  2. We moved to our new house almost a year ago, so the memories of packing are still fresh in my mind. I agree with the comment about marking the kids’ boxes so that you can find and unpack them first. We actually had Sophia stay with grandparents for the first night since she was only 14 months old.

    We did things the way it sounds like you are doing them. I worked from the attic first – purging and packing up there. Then we tried to do one room at a time, packing the stuff that we knew we wouldn’t need for the next couple of weeks and putting the boxes in corners, etc. Honestly, we did most of it pretty last minute because that’s the way we work best 🙂

    We also got a POD which made things a whole heck of a lot easier. We could bring a few boxes out a night since it was parked in the lot behind our townhouse.

    Good luck!! You will bring all of those good memories with you and you won’t be sad for long when you realize how nice it is to have some extra space to stretch out 🙂


  3. from experience, label!!!! we have found that packing by rooms works best if possible. (3 siblings, at least 4-6 moves) pack together the stuff you absolutely have to have to make it through the first week. Open those first so you can function. Steph found out that you will be amazed at what you forgot you had and what you really can live without (cuz it take months to unpack it : ) )


  4. So glad to hear the the Move is underway. I think that you are going about it in the best way. Get rid of things you don’t use. If you haven’t used it in a year, and it’s not a family treasure, toss it. Chances are you’ll never use it again. A short move is easy and it sounds as if you can do it in “piecemeal” fashion. Do as much interior work(windows, paint, mirror ) as possible before the actual move.

    Good luck. Have fun with it. Yes the emotions will come, but the excitement will soon overcome those feelings. have your cry and “Move” on. Love Dad


  5. Thanks everyone. I am def. going to use the advice to mark the kids room stuff with colored paper. Good idea. Because of Corrigan’s sensory issues and reluctance to change routine, it is going to be stressful no matter how hard we try to make things easier for him but we are planning on working on Cor’s room first, attempting to set it up similar to the way it looks here at this house, at least at first, so that in the midst of the chaos he has an anchor in his room amongst his “stuff.”

    We were told, this morning, that the kitchen is nearly totally ready for me to start bringing stuff over, stocking the pantry etc…so that will be a relief to get that from place one to place two.

    They are painting Connor’s room on Thursday so that is exciting!

    We still have so much to do here. We have a huge pile that goes out for trash pickup. Another pile of stuff to take to landfill, another to take to the scrap metal yard, and still another pile that we are not sure what to do with. lol.

    I do a lot of “thinning out” when everyone is asleep, that way no one is looking through my trash bags to “save” things that I believe should be discarded. lol


  6. We moved in October. I’m still unpacking! But my only words of wisdom is this, make sure you label every single box and don’t be afraid to donate old items to Good Will. I think we made a half a dozen trips to Good Will before we moved. Even though we moved into a bigger house we have about 20% less items in here than we had in our other house. Good luck with the move!


  7. When we moved, we put down a bed sheet then all the clothes that were hanging, we just put on the sheet, with the hangers still in, and then we tied the ends of the sheet. When we got there, we untied the ends and hung everything right back up! That was the easiest part!

    Have fun moving!!


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