Hidden treasure

Aside from finding a missing (still in the wrapper) video game, a much-needed cord and all of Connor’s elementary school class photos there had been little “surprise” while packing up the house.

Until this morning that is.

I have been the caretaker of my Great Great Aunt Edith’s china buffet for many years now. Inside the cupboards are my Christmas dishes and gravy boats and the storage space below is home to my stationary and 20+ years of photo albums.

The smell of the cedar lined drawers is one of my favorite scents in the world.

At one point, I pulled out one of the smaller drawers so that I could tip it over my trash bag and shake out the scraps that had accumulated over the years and there, taped to the bottom was this…

A small letter dated April 19, 1928.  To a Miss Edith Dickens. With a 2 cent stamp, thank you very much.

I could hardly stand the anticipation of what might be written inside.  I carefully pulled the letter from its nook and gingerly opened the envelope.

April 19, 1928

Ridgely, W.Va.

Miss Edith,

Hoping you will not feel shock when you read this letter and will not think I am smart but I would like to know if I could come out to see you some-time. You will have to excuse this writing because I am a little nervous. I hope I will hear from you soon. If you don’t answer this letter please tear it up will you?

Patiently Waiting,

Robert Bobo

Is that not the cutest thing ever?  Uncle Bob was the brother of my Dad’s Grandfather.  My Dad tells me that Aunt Edith spoke of how one day, she was sitting by the window, and Uncle Bob walked by. Having never seen him before, she turned and said, “There goes the man I will marry someday.”

..and they were married.  For a very long time.

On the back of the envelope in feminine handwriting I can faintly make out a few words written in pencil.  Sadly, several words are missing.

“Oh ________ when two hearts began to ___________time to _________________________furniture. “

In the spot prior to the word “furniture” an inch long piece of the envelope is gone.  I cannot imagine what it might have said.  It makes me smile to think that maybe Aunt Edith tucked that precious note under that drawer before she passed it on to my Mom in hopes that one day someone in the family would find the hidden treasure and read the sweet start to their long love story.

“When two hearts began….”  83 years ago, this April.

How neat.

7 thoughts on “Hidden treasure

  1. Oh my! How exciting! I can’t believe that was there all of these years and you just now found it. I remember Aunt Edith telling the story many times of seeing Uncle Bob walk past the window and knowing she would marry him. She would clap her hands together at the climax, “That’s the man I am going to marry!” I remember these extra details of the story. It was cold and really snowy. He was with someone she knew or a relative because they came inside and took off their boots and warmed them by the fire or stove before making the journey home.
    I miss her. I can’t wait to see this letter in person!


  2. I remember how she would clap her hands, her long fingers,when she told a story. Love it! I remember how she was so impressed with Uncle Bob because he walked all the way from Ridgely to her home to “court” her-after a long day at work? I miss her too. She was a special lady. I see her every day in that photo of her and Dad at my wedding that is on my wall.


  3. Your call to me after finding the letter left me smiling the rest of the day. People kept asking me why I was grinning. I related the story to many of them, adding a little something “extra” with each telling. That marriage was a “Love Story” for the ages. Anyone who knew them will agree.

    I remember Uncle Bob and my Mother having yearly contests to see who could eat the most corn on the cob. Everyone else gave up early, just to set back and watch them.

    God bless you Uncle Bob and Aunt Edith


  4. I love this story!! Have I told you the first time I met Ryan I looked at my sister and said “I’m going to marry that boy one day!” It might have been all the tequila talking and when I tell Lynlee the story I will leave that part out 🙂 But none the less I said it!!


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