how soon in advance do you pack up the toddler?

I am fairly certain that one of Dante’s levels of hell involved eternal packing.  How do people do this regularly?  If I knew for sure that I would have to do this again within the next 5 years I would just leave everything in boxes and live with milk crates for furniture and plastic sporks from KFC as silverware.  Awful.

Packing with a toddler is also tons of fun. Did you catch the sarcasm in that last sentence? No? okay, hold on.

Packing with a toddler is tons of fun.

Packing with a toddler is tons of fun.

Packing with a toddler is tons of fun.

Whatever. It sucks.

There are toys that he has not touched in a year. The moment I lower them into boxes though they are suddenly the most necessary, life-sustaining objects on the PLANET.  He will die if I do not immediately get them back out of the box. He demonstrates their importance with flailing arms, gnashing of teeth and head-long dives directly into the box to retrieve them.

I can virtually hear him muttering “My precious….” as he clutches that Dollar Store stuffed monkey to his chest.

The climbing adventure-center, over nearly a hundred boxes, all over the house thrills Corrigan to pieces but scares me to death.  He now has easy access to the ceiling which, as you know, is no place for a two-year old to be.  Can’t wait for the landlord to notice the tiny hand prints on the ceiling and try to figure that out.

It is almost over though. We have about a week to go and I cannot pack up much more or we are going to be wearing the same outfits for the next 8 days and washing our hair with dish soap. It is nice to have a break from cooking though.  Not that I deliberately packed up my pots or pans way too far in advance or anything. {snort}

It is exciting though, the thought of making a change, starting fresh…getting out from under the dark cloud of the last few years.  I walked around the new (to us) house last evening with a huge smile on my face.  I know we are going to make some great memories there, I can feel it!


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