a brief moment in our day

Corrigan has never been good at entertaining himself so while I have been busy packing, he has been busy yelling and screaming all over the house.  I have so much to do, we are moving in less than 6 days, so I downloaded lots of preschool apps on my phone and pretty much handed it over to him in an attempt to buy me an hour or so of scream-free work time.

I had taken away his iPhone privileges a few weeks ago because he would get frustrated at something-or-other and angrily toss the phone on the floor but in recent days he has become proficient in the use of the sign for “help” and understands that when he uses the sign the moment he is frustrated, I respond happily and helpfully and the phone-tossing has ceased.

Still though, it is better to keep him on a soft surface just in case his infamous temper gets the better of him!

His clothing-removal techniques are improving so it is almost impossible to keep pants on the boy and he always prefers to be undressed. I do not know if it is his medicine or not but he is always warmer than most and gets sweaty in temperatures that others find comfortable. Considering my own frequent hot-flashes, Corrigan and I are a pretty good match in regards to how warm (or cool) to keep a room. Today, it was warm and lovely in my bedroom so mostly-naked was his preferred dress code.

He normally runs “full speed ahead” every moment that he is awake so it tickled me to see him lounging so comfortably.  I had already packed up my camera and equipment but he looked so cute that I quickly ran out and unpacked the camera so that I could snap these few shots of his creamy-skinned sweetness.

This little boy, he is so exasperating yet inspiring,  so headache-inducing yet love producing, he makes every day so incredibly hard yet so incredibly worth it.

What a kid. What a blessing.

Still eagerly anticipating the arrival of Spring!

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