whew! a minute to breathe.

(Cell phone photos for now. I cannot find my camera’s card reader…or my butter dish.)

Well we moved. And survived. Yay us!

We had amazing friends and family come over last Saturday morning to help shove things into a monster 26 foot rental truck and in less than 3 hours the crew had everything locked and loaded.  It all went so quickly that I did not even have time to say goodbye to the neighbors.

(Petra and Mark…thank you.  We could not ask for better friends.  Mom, you are the best toddler-wrangler on the planet.  Thank you for keeping him occupied for so long so that we could move big heavy boxes without him under foot. Erica, Matt, Trey and Marin…thank you for driving over three hours to help. We love you so much! Connor and Mark-you moved boxes all week as fast as I could pack them and never complained. We are a good team, aren’t we? Seriously, you all are the ones that showed up, with smiles on your faces and a willingness to help…I owe you guys, big time.)

Later that evening Mark and I ran back over to the old house (it was only an 8 mile move) to grab a few things that we had left behind and I stood in my former living room, now empty, and was surprised at how it already was no longer “home.”  My voice echoed off of the empty surfaces, it felt cold even though the heat was still on, the smell was different-almost stale, and there was not a single floating memory in the air.  I thought I would miss it for awhile, and maybe I would have if I hadn’t gone back to it now empty, but it is true what “they” say, about how a house is not a home…it is the people inside of it, the stuff that you hold dear, the photos on the wall, the sounds of your loved-ones filling the rooms.

We have a new home now.  Neat.

Of course, everyone was the most worried about the transition for Corrigan. Not one to smile at change, we assumed it would take a few weeks for him to settle into his new routine.

Not quite.

He plays so well here, it is a big home built in the late 1930’s with so many places to climb (hello, stairs-heart attack!) and tons of places to hide.  It doesn’t hurt that we moved from a 1000 sq. foot house to over 2000 sq feet either. The kid is exhausted by bedtime.  It is pretty awesome.

He slept through the night the first four nights that we were here.  (Shut up! I know!) The other evenings that he did not sleep through were not his usual 2am-6 am night time parties either though, he just woke and easily went back to sleep once I checked on him. In fact, at around 8pm every night he starts to slow down, he will run up to his room and find his blankie and then find us to tell us “night night.”

In one week I managed to get so much unpacked and put away because Corrigan just runs off and plays so well by himself now.  I will often stop what I am doing to try and locate him by the sound of his voice and am often met with nothing but silence. Moms know that total silence is never a good thing so I will head off to the last place I heard him, only to find him laying on his bedroom floor, feet in the air, softly humming a song to his toes, or sitting in his bed “reading” a book.

I do not even know this boy anymore.

We have gone from two to three tantrums per hour to only two a day.  Maybe.

I even got my first “hug” on Tuesday when he came running around the corner, slammed into my leg with arms outstretched, gave me a 3-second squeeze, looked up at me with a small smile, and then ran off.

Yeah, I cried.

I have so much more to share.  The changes that have taken place with Corrigan are just wonderful but my mind keeps slipping back to the overwhelming amount of cleaning and unpacking that I still need to do, and the weather is resembling Spring out my front window so I think we need to head out to the playground behind the house.  Cor has not been outside once since last Saturday…he deserves some fresh air and sliding boards.

Happy Saturday!


5 thoughts on “whew! a minute to breathe.

  1. That is so awesome about Corrigan’s progress. What a blessing and I can’t wait to hear more!!! I am so excited for you guys. Our house is for sale and I can’t wait to be in your position and moving into a bigger home. I hope it happens soon!!!!!!

    I saw Corrigan’s cute face on a slide show for tube feeding awareness recently. It made me wonder how the move was going. I am glad you updated.


  2. Oh Mindy!! I am soooo happy for you! Just what you shared about Little C is awesome!! So much progress…and there’s MORE? Whoa! Looks like this is exactly what you guys needed! Sending you lots of hugs and happy tears! Love ya!!



  3. Oh Mindy! I am sooo excited for you! This is all such wonderful news. I have been praying about the sleeping issues. It is so wonderful to hear when God blesses a friend like this. The hug! Wow! I bet you replay that over and over. I hope you have many more awesome memories in the making in your new house. BIG HUG!


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