alligators and wind monsters: 1st haircut

(taken with my phone-if you click on the photo I think you can view it larger)

Corrigan has needed a real haircut for a long time.  He had his first “haircut” when he was a few months old and the ER doc scalped him in order to get a usable vein on his head but he had never actually went and got a honest-to-goodness cut until today.

I was not planning on a haircut today but when I pulled into the plaza to grab some milk, I glanced into the salon and it was totally empty.  “Let’s get you a haircut, buddy!” came rolling out of my mouth before I thought it through.  Noon, hungry toddler, tired and in need of a nap, not really sure if I even combed the knots out of his hair when he woke…should be great, right?

Well, it was!

He was a champ. He sat in the chair, by himself, for most of the cut. Of course, that required me to hand over my cellphone and then he started to get antsy and I was pretending that hair clips were alligators and blow dryers were wind monsters. Towards the end, I had him straddle my lap so that she could finish up the back of his hair but he never once cried, he never once tried to get down.  I was flabbergasted. Truly.

He walked out looking like Little Lord Fauntleroy…

…but I think once we wash it his curls will pop back up a bit and it won’t look like we plopped a salad bowl on top of his head. At least I can see his eyes again!

When I got in the car, I was covered in blond hair sprinklings, (and so was my phone.  There are hair clippings in the phone’s speaker!) and hot and sweaty from stressing about it, but the kid was a champ.

Only took us 33 months to make the attempt!

*Edited to add: Some people thought I would have had it cut much shorter.  We love Corrigan’s longer hair, it really suits him and it wouldn’t be Cor to us if he didn’t have that wild and crazy hair.  Also, for non-UCD folks, Corrigan’s protein is obviously pretty restricted.  What little bit he gets, his body utilizes for growing his brain and his bones. Not eyelashes and hair and fingernails. His nails are thin and peel and his hair is thin as well.  On his scalp his hair only really grows from the very top…his hairline is strangely receded for a toddler.

Take a peek at the photos here to see what I mean about his hairline.

I am not sure if this is strictly protein-related or medicine related, or maybe something else but by keeping it longer it hides a lot of those patchy, near-bald spots underneath. I know that some want him to have a proper cut *cough-Grandma-cough* but we like it this way.

2 thoughts on “alligators and wind monsters: 1st haircut

  1. Wow, he looks so different! I was totally thinking little Lord Fauntleroy. Im with you though… the curls will pop back up. Theres no keeping those springs down!


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