Easter 2011

I hope that you had a blessed Easter.

Corrigan and I skipped church and chose to worship with some AM radio ministry (Mama) and a good dose of Veggie Tales Easter Carol (Corrigan).   There were two separate back-to-back church hours on Easter morning radio, so I got a nice message and a double-dose of my favorite Resurrection Day hymns.  While cleaning and cooking I kept singing the first verse of my favorite hymn, “Up from the grave He arose! With a mighty triumph o’er his foes!” and after a bit Corrigan began singing, “Up, up, up, up, up, up nose!”  Which, I guess, is close enough.

Mark and Connor headed out to church looking dapper (as always)

Both boys got Easter baskets, Connor’s mostly candy and Corrigan’s mainly bubbles and toy trains. Although Corrigan did have more than a few M&M’s which I think were super caffeinated candies or something because after about three of them hit his tummy he was non-stop for four straight hours.

This is the only kind of in-focus shot I got of him all day.

As you can see, he is hiding a few M&M’s in his cheek here and only stopped because I had him pinned against the coat closet.  He ran in circles until he fell sound asleep right before Easter dinner and stayed asleep for over 3.5 hours.  He never got out of his pajamas.

With his restricted diet I was not sure what to do about Easter eggs for Corrigan but when I stumbled across these cuties it was like someone manufactured them specifically with him in mind.

The kid loves his ABC’s and we have several sets of foam letters and numbers all over the house. And I mean all over the place. I find them in with the silverware, stuffed into his VCR, in the trunk of the car(???) and even in the laundry. Those letters get around!

I filled each egg with 6-8 letters and still had a nice pile left over to tuck in one “special” egg. They are little letters, none more than an inch and a half tall so naturally he had to try to eat one. After he realized they were as inedible as all of his other letters he pretty much ignored them until today.  I found him spreading them all over the upstairs hallway this morning, lining them up and sorting them by some plan in his head.  Even shoving a few under his Daddy’s office door in hopes that he might come out and play.

It kept him busy for over an hour so it was .99 well spent. I’m guessing they were so cheap because most kids would be offended at letter-filled eggs instead of cash or candy.There are dozens of them though (letters) and I am already wondering if I can just ShopVac them up in a few days or not.  Bad mommy.

We had good company for dinner and ate far too much dessert.  Mark and Connor planted a blueberry bush and our tomato plants that we have grown from seeds and I collapsed into a useless puddle of parent by 9pm.  It was a very good day.

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