Birthday Party Post

I am finally able to sit down and post a few photos from Corrigan’s birthday weekend. It has been non-stop since last Friday (including a run to Hopkins today-more on that tomorrow) and I am just now catching my breath.  I rarely print any photos that I take so this post is mainly just to archive some of the memories of his 3rd birthday.  You can click over here (and here) to see how much he has grown since his last birthday!

Mr. Corrigan turned three years old and with his age increase came a decrease in smiles for my camera.  I would like to think that Corrigan had a pretty good birthday but he was so tight-lipped and expressionless most of the time I am not really sure.  He didn’t run screaming from the room so I am going to assume he enjoyed the company and gifts!

(obviously I have issues with polite requests)

Aunt Erica and family came in from Virginia and Pap Pap came in from downstate to join in the festivities.  Our local Grandma’s were here as well.  It was nice to have the space for everyone!  His birthday theme was Disney’s movie Cars  (which Corrigan calls “car cars”) which was pretty easy to find in stores since Cars 2 is ready to be released in theaters.

We blew up a lot of balloons…

(The room I was standing in to take this photo was FULL of balloons!)

He did a great job with his gifts. I had to help him unwrap most of them but he was definitely interested in what everything was once opened.  He sat beside me the entire time we opened gifts and did not run off.  That was unexpected considering his attention span.

His big gift was a new trampoline for our new backyard but he wasn’t very interested in it at first. On the day of his party he only jumped a few minutes before telling us, “All done!” but the following day, when we broke out the new sprinkler to put on the trampoline, he stayed in and played for about an hour.  He loves water.

He is a really blessed little boy. So many people love him and treated him special this weekend and we are thankful for everyone for coming over to celebrate Corrigan’s birthday.

Here is the rest of his birthday loot…

(Being pulled around the house while playing with his new “mer pain”)

Happy Birthday Cor, we hope you had fun!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Post

  1. Many times when I read your post I’m at a loss for words and never say anything. This is one of those times, but I just had to say that reading this gave me goose bumps, which don’t happen that often, and all I can say is that “this is cool”. Corrigan has been given the right “Mommy”… 🙂


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