i love.

i love.      when you get sweaty and that one little piece of hair by your ear curls up (see above)

i love.     when you are counting up from one you say, “Nun, two, thwee…” but that  when you count backwards you say, “Thwee, two, won.” Clearly the number “one” should be pronounced differently depending on the situation.

i love.     when you want me to do something and you say, “Help? Now help??” so sweetly and look me directly in the eye.

i love.     that you now go into the pantry and bring me food and say, “Eat?”  and then you actually a eat a bite of food. Or fifty gummy bears. You really like gummy bears.

i love.    that when I play Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” you bounce your butt up and down like the concerto “Spring” is a Beyonce song.   Break it down, little man.

i love.    everything about you. except for the 3am start to your day. I don’t love that.  But hey, more Corrigan time. Love that.  Love sleep though. Compromise, maybe? Say..6am?

i love.  you.




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