human hamster ball

Corrigan is one of those kids that is the most amused with the simplest of items.  While he enjoys toys with music and flashing lights, he gleefully loses his mind over easy things like balls and bubbles.  And bouncing.  And water.  When I saw this giant “bubble ball” on another blog, shortly before his birthday party, I thought that it would be perfect for Corrigan.

(Hey wait, if we tossed the Giga Ball onto the trampoline with the sprinkler inside of the net we could BLOW CORRIGAN’s MIND!)

These things are pricey though, so I decided against it until I came across one for nearly $20.00 cheaper than most online retailers. Except that it did not ship in time to make it  here for his birthday weekend.  Story of my life.  No matter, though.  It came this week and after an hour of Daddy sitting in the hot sun, breathing in Durango exhaust while the car-powered, air pump filled each chamber, we had MEGA BALL fun!

I believe that it holds weight up to 150lbs. so Connor and all of the cousins can easily roll around like hamsters in the backyard. Just not all at the same time, of course. It took Corrigan a little while to work up the nerve to climb into the Giga Ball but eventually he felt comfortable inside bouncing around and squealing.  He doesn’t understand the concept of really rolling around with it yet but he will!

He gets so confused though, alternating between calling it a “ball” or “bubble?”

For now he gets the most pleasure out of Daddy poking his head through the holes and tickling him.

And just in case you are thinking, “By golly, I sure wish I could roll around in a giant inflatable dodecahedron!” (it’s not really a dodechedron but I’ve been waiting 30 years to use that word in a sentence-hehe) they make an 84″ version for bigger goofballs.

It is definitely the strangest thing that I have purchased in a long time but for smiles like these…

I don’t regret it.

What’s the strangest thing you have bought recently?

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