POTD: looking up

Years ago I grabbed this shot of Connor

(taken March 21, 2006)

I didn’t have “real” studio backgrounds at the time and my “lights” were regular lamps and overhead was a simple paper lantern from Ikea.  It printed perfectly and it still hangs on my walls today. Well, I would be on my wall today except I am pretty sure the walls here are made from titanium and there are not nails on this planet that can puncture them.  We tried those 3M velcro strips and on the same day, a week later, every single framed print fell from the velcro strips and shattered onto the floor below.  This shot included.

I have wanted a shot of Corrigan that is similar in lighting setup and pose but getting Cor to do just about anything on command is impossible.  I still love the kind of shots where kids are looking up, or to the side, in a kind of pensive way and I keep hoping I might accidentally get one of Corrigan that is similar to Connor’s photo. So far, no luck but I did get this one the other evening at the playground.  Of course, my camera’s ability to focus is a bit scattered so I think the focus fell somewhere on a 2cm spot on his upper lip, but I still like it.  He has the lightest scar on his right cheek, I suspect it will fade to nothing in a few years, but for now it is still there, a great spot for kisses.

It isn’t the “match” I am looking for but it makes me smile.

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