Ugh. What a week.


What a week.

It started with the passing of Mark’s uncle last weekend and after two trips to the ER, one leading to hospitalization, Corrigan is still feeling unwell.   He is still vomiting, on average, once a day and we are now on day five where, even with the feeding tube, we have been unable to meet his daily protein/calorie/fluid requirement.   We are not missing it by much, maybe missing our fluid goal by only 4-6 ounces, and we are able to get about 95% of his protein in him but he is obviously still feeling unwell and is very tentative about eating again.

Saturday morning he woke us around 4:30 again and he had been sick.  He had not been himself since his discharge earlier in the week so we knew we needed to run him in just to be sure. His ammonia was 19.  Huzzah! We were back home and in our beds by 10am.

I woke yesterday morning in severe digestive distress.  I vomited for hours, much like poor Corrigan was doing on Wednesday when I watched him suffer as he vomited even while he was trying to sleep.  I spent yesterday curled up in a ball, my skin ached and I felt frozen down to my bones.  Oddly, neither Corrigan or I have had any semblance of fever but the chills sure felt like I had one.

All I can say is that Corrigan is some kind of super hero.  I do not know how he handled feeling this crappy so amazingly well.  Even now, when he vomits daily, he simply empties his stomach, looks at me pathetically while I clean him up and then runs off to play some more.  I’m such a wussy that I can barely get the laundry out of the dryer.

I suppose this was virus related after all.  It isn’t as bad as when Cor and I caught the rotovirus while we were hospitalized 2 years ago but it is definitely a doozy.   Could we have caught this at the lake last Sunday? From the water?? He hasn’t been out aside from that trip in awhile. Mark and Connor are (so far) unaffected.

We are fighting hard to keep dehydration at bay but with this disorder, too few calories and not meeting his protein needs are dangerous as well.  I still believe that the g-tube has kept us out of the hospital (again, so far) but only because I am able to slowly drip 2 ounces of fluids into his tummy every hour.  If it gets to the point that he cannot even keep 2 ounces an hour down, then he obviously needs IV intervention but I think that he is on the upswing.

Not 100%…I would say today, Monday, he is running about 70% but that is so much better than the poor kid was just a handful of days ago.  We had plans to go to Idelwild and the Pittsburgh zoo this weekend. Today is Connor’s 14th birthday, but Cor and I had to back out and stay home to recover while Dad took Big C to Steel City.  Maybe we will be up for some ice cream cake this evening (doubt it) but we will definitely be singing loudly for our favorite big brother.

Then we will need a nap to recover.

Can’t wait for this week to be behind us.

One thought on “Ugh. What a week.

  1. You are amazing! You got that mama courage squared! One year, after thanksgiving, everyone started retching violently about 4 hours a part. By the time it rolled around to me, the dr had prescribed phenogrin gel form that you just rubbed into your wrists. I only thew up once – and the then baby once. Whew! I think the neighbors could hear all the retching – it was AWFUL! But I didn’t have extra-sensitive conditions to consider. I tip my hat to you – and hope you guys are fully recovered!


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