All better now.

(growing out his “Little Lord Fauntleroy” haircut fiasco is taking some time)

Corrigan is almost fully recovered from the stomach bug (and subsequent metabolic crisis) he had last week. He hasn’t completely regained interest in eating by mouth but at least he is eating a little and we are able to maintain his nutritional needs through his feeding tube. It was an unexpected bump in our summer but we are trying not to allow anxiety and worry creep back into our lives after working so hard to let all of that go and try to live a little.  We caught it early, he was treated efficiently and effectively and he doesn’t seem worse for the wear!

I haven’t mentioned it publicly because the moment I do…you know how it goes…but about a week after he turned three years old he started sleeping through the night.  Not just a few times here or there, but every single night.  Once in awhile he will wake around 3 or 4am and if I take a few minutes to lay with him, he falls right back to sleep and I can slip back into my own bed.  Even when he was so sick in the hospital, he slept through the night!  I have absolutely NO IDEA what has changed but it has been such a relief.

It was a very difficult three years for me.  I know that it sounds whiny to complain but the kind of sleep deprivation that I was dealing with was causing physical and emotional problems.  Corrigan never seemed worse for the wear, in fact he behaved better when he didn’t get too much sleep, but I was having problems concentrating, my hair was falling out and my metabolism all but shut down.  I think I handled operating on 2-3 hours of night sleep (for almost 1000 days straight!) pretty well but this past Spring it was all catching up with me.  My moods would swing wildly and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore.  This change in sleeping habits has been such a blessing.  I feel like a human being again!

Two things that I wanted to mention for memory’s sake.

1.  Corrigan and Connor both had pediatrician appointments this week. Corrigan was really well-behaved during the doctor visit and sat completely still on my lap while the doctor examined him thoroughly and talked to me about his recent illness. ( I pray that he behaves similarly at his first dental appointment next Friday!)  At the end of his exam, the Pediatrician, who has followed Corrigan closely since his birth, said, “Mindy, I look at him and he just seems so much like any other toddler, with just a bit of a delay. I think everything is going to turn out fine for him, I do.”

From your lips, to God’s ears Doctor.  Amen.

2. Corrigan spoke his first “sentence” this week.  Corrigan loves McDonald’s but thinks that the restaurant is called “M” which make sense since there is a single giant yellow letter on the roof.  I was pulling in to grab Cor some fries while we were running errands for Connor’s birthday and I turned off the radio. I love to listen to his reactions when he sees that I am pulling into “M” for a snack.  This time he said “M? Eat? Mmmm! More? Yes!!!!” and signed each word at the same time.  He strung all five words together quickly and spoke them in a stunted sort of way but he was clearly conveying a complete thought.

“Hey, I want to eat here, okay?”

Sure thing kiddo.  I’ll rob a bank for you if you can string the words together!

That’s all for now. Looking forward to a better week!


4 thoughts on “All better now.

  1. This post makes me so happy. Happy that you are finally getting the sleep you need (because it is so much easier to help Corr when you are awake, present, alive!)

    So happy he strung words together. Amazing!!


  2. I agree with Sairah when I read what the Dr. told you, I had tears running down my face!

    I hope you have a better week too!!!



  3. I am just so thrilled and happy. I’m glad you are better, he’s better and sleeping, and I believe that he will be OK. I’m with you.. from Doc’s and our lips to God’s ears. Amen. Ole worrywart here can maybe relax a little. lol

    For Cor, anything. What’s a bank heist between friends. 🙂


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