Another “first”: off to the Dentist!

Is it hot where you are?

It was pushing 95 degrees when we left this morning for the dentist.  By the time we got home the sign read 101 degrees.  At 11 am.  Crikey!

So yeah, the dentist.  Connor had a regularly scheduled cleaning appointment and, once again, no cavities! Up next? Braces!

(That sound you just heard? My wallet sobbing.)

It was also Corrigan’s first trip to the dentist.  I was worried. Really worried.  I was pretty sure that Corrigan was going to flip his lid when we sat him in the dentist chair, and I was prepared to be sweaty and embarrassed from the screaming (Corrigan’s screaming, not mine) and restraining that would likely occur but I was more worried about this..

Corrigan was two years old before he had his g-tube “installed” so there were months and months of bottle drinking, and falling asleep with the bottle in his mouth and while I knew that there was potential damage to his teeth, I had to weigh the potential damage to his, you know, life if he did not consume his required daily fluids and medicines.

Also, did you know that if your child is tube fed that they need more dental care than eaters? I would have thought that since he wasn’t eating lots of food then maybe he wasn’t building up plaque but it is just the opposite.  Tube fed folks are not chewing and producing saliva which helps to clean the teeth.  G-tubers actually need more frequent dental checkups than eaters!

He didn’t know where he was but I talked to him about his teeth and we looked at all of the posters while we waited for Connor to finish up his turn.  By the way, who dressed this kid today?


Uh, must be the heat.

He was so patient while we waited for the hygienist to call his name, it was cute to watch him peeking through the window to look for his big brother.

The staff knew of Corrigan’s aversions and had a vague idea of his medical situation.  In fact, the day that all heck broke loose after his birth, Mark had Connor at the dentist when I called him in tears.  One of the hygienists was so concerned she called a day or so later to check up on us. How cool is that?

Today’s hygienist actually took some time to print out some information on Urea Cycle Disorders before Corrigan came in.  When I saw the print-outs on the counter it made me smile.  I love when people really go the extra mile to take the utmost care of my kids.  We might be a small, “redneck” town but every single medical professional that I have made contact with since Cor’s birth have been nothing but good to us.   I am so happy to be a Townie (through and through!)

When we got back to the room things happened quickly and to my relief we did not have to try and make things work in that big, scary dental chair. Instead, Corrigan straddled my lap and was then gently laid back into the Dentist’s lap.  Like this..

Corrigan lay completely still the entire time, opened his mouth well and it was over in no time!  They all commented on his cute double tooth ( I think it means he will be a genius or something!) and guess what?

No decay! Not a bit!  I was also worried because it looked like his teeth were not fully out of his gums but the Dentist said everything looked fine, not to worry.  Cor had a good bit of phenobarb when he was first so sick and I have read that it can lead to hardening of the gums which makes tooth eruption difficult.  No problems as of yet!

It was great to walk out with no follow-up appointments for cavities and no talks of needing to sedate Corrigan for any procedures! I hope that his hearing evaluation goes just as smoothly in a few weeks!

Here is a brief clip that Connor shot at the end of Corrigan’s appointment.  When Cor was laying there so still, I could hear Connor behind me saying, “What? No way!” a few times…he too was shocked that Corrigan was being so well-behaved.  Connor and I both agree that we have no idea who that kid was that we took to the dentist today.

I guess I need to raise my expectations because every time I think something is going to go really badly with Cor, he proves me wrong. Again and again.

He wasn’t happy when it was over but there were no tears.

But I get the distinct feeling that the cold shoulder is going to continue a bit longer this afternoon. That’s okay though, I am super proud of him and I can breathe a sigh of relief that we are doing well with this aspect of his health.  Yay for healthy teeth!

Your comments are appreciated!

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