just trying to keep cool over here

It has been too hot to do much of anything outdoors.  While Corrigan loves to swim, I have to be really careful that he does not burn too many calories swimming and playing in the hot summer sun.  Our orders are that when the temps are high, and Corrigan is outdoors, we must increase his fluid intake an additional 20 ounces (or more) on top of the huge amount he is required to take in daily. It is also important that he consume more calories than normal on a hot day. This means that I have to interrupt his play frequently for drink, snack and rest but at his age he throws huge tantrums when we take him out of the water and even then he will refuse to eat out of stubbornness.

Our window AC units were fighting valiantly to keep temps reasonable inside but no matter the setting we cannot get the downstairs very cool.  A couple of little battery-powered fans fascinated Corrigan awhile and helped to distract him from too much running which was causing him to sweat and overheat even indoors.

PapPap and Nana were in town this weekend and Corrigan was thrilled.  He was passing out the kisses and smiles for sure, these past few days, and was genuinely sad when they had to go home.  He runs for the door when he hears the doorbell and is always sorely disappointed when it is just the UPS man.  Though if the UPS guy wanted to come in and play, Corrigan would be one happy kid. He loves company and turns up the charm.

We finally found the hairstyle we want for Corrigan.  Shout out to Karter, one of the adorable kids on Season 1 of Yo Gabba Gabba.  Once I get a screen shot of Karter’s hair we are going to be off to the salon to see if we can tame Cor’s tendrils.  I’ve mentioned it before that we keep Cor’s hair longer because his has thin spots (<–click to view photos of how thing his hair is underneath)  but when we were at the lake a few weekends ago, two mom’s asked their kids to “watch the little girl there, don’t splash her” and Connor keeps grumbling that his little brother looks like a girl so I suppose it is time to find a more “grown-up” look for our little guy.

I’m looking forward to some cooler temperatures and getting Corrigan outdoors this week.  He hasn’t been out much at all since his hospitalization. We found a fun, new sprinkler for the backyard on clearance and I know that Cor will love it.  Connor will be starting soccer conditioning soon so we will be getting out of the house more to run him to practice.   I cannot believe how fast summer is flying by!

I love having Connor home on break. He is such a huge help to me, he babysat his brother for a few hours this afternoon so that we could get out a take a drive, and he never complains when I need him to do chores or lift something heavy. The teenage “attitude” magically disappears after a few weeks away from his school peers and there are few arguments or issues.  Corrigan loves having Connor around too, I find him hiding out in Connor’s room while Connor is on his xbox and when we eat dinner, Cor always slips up onto Big C’s lap while he is trying to eat.  I’m loving it.

That’s all for now.  Life is pretty boring but boring isn’t always a bad thing.  Lazy, hazy summer.  The best kind.  Speaking of hazy, all of the photos in this post were processed with this free Hazy B&W action from Good Knits.   If you’re using Photoshop CS2 or higher you should be good to go!

6 thoughts on “just trying to keep cool over here

  1. Boring is a very good thing around here! And I can’t believe they have mistaken Corrgian as a girl! He doesn’t look anything like a girl! Geez!! Try to keep cool guys!!


    • I know, he was wearing swim trunks and a sleeveless red tshirt, how could they think he was a girl? Sheesh. When I tell people his name over the phone they often say SHE instead of HE. Maybe Corrigan sounds like a girl name too? lol.


  2. Corrigan is adorable! I’ll have to let Karter know that someone was a fan or his cute long hair. He is rocking the fohawk now after having his cute long hair for years 😉 He will enjoy knowing that he is actually talked about online. Hope your family is having a great summer!


    • Karter’s Mom!!!!!! We are big Karter fans! We had never seen Yo Gabba Gabba until Netflix began showing the first season. We love the episode Karter is in the best, so we see a lot of Karter in our house! Ha! How neat. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know you found us!!!


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