french fry guy

Corrigan loves french fries from McDonald’s.   I used to get him a small fry and then measure him out a portion and see if he ate the first amount before offering more.  As he gets bigger, I now weigh out the total small fry and give it all to him, then simply subtract what he leaves on his plate and calculate from there. If I use a paper plate I will “tare” the plate, then measure the entire small fry, and use a Sharpie to quickly write the measured amount right on the plate.

According to my Food Values of Portions Commonly Used (AKA: our food Bible) a serving size of McDonald’s small fries is 68 grams (also 3 grams of protein and 210 calories) which means that if he eats 30 grams worth that is 1.32 grams of protein and 92 calories.  If I check the McDonald’s nutritional information, available on their corporate website, they count a small fry serving as 71 grams (3 grams of protein and 230 calories) which would be 1.26 grams of protein and 97 calories for 30 grams consumed. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference does it? 1.32 g vs. 1.26 gr. but this disorder calls for precision and it is little discrepancies like this that drive me crazy.

Our team told us that some kids protein “overage” tolerance can be as little as a single gram of protein.  More than that tiny gram, the weight of a paperclip, could mean the difference between healthy and happy or hospitalized.  Crazy.  I wonder what Corrigan’s “wiggle room” is but dare not attempt to find out.  Is it cumulative, overages over the course of a single day? Or a few days in a row?  What if he sneaks those potato chip crumbs from that nearly-empty bag of chips he found under his big brother’s bed?  How can I properly convey the utmost importance of not giving Corrigan unauthorized and uncounted food when he heads off to school this fall?  It’s enough to give this Mama a migraine.

For the past few weeks, with the exception of one really “hungry” day, he has eaten nearly the exact same amount each time.  He pushes all of his fries around the plate, placing the fries with sharp, pointy ends off to the side and those with dark spots completely off of his plate (??) never to be considered again.  And every time I weigh what remains when he is finished, his “consumed” tally is 30 grams.  On the dot.

How does he do that?  Is he counting french fries as he eats them?  Just for fun, and also for those times we are traveling, I already know that 22 fries, approximately the size of my pinky finger, equal 30 grams. (remember, pinky sizes may vary!)  Corrigan is really good at counting, but after the number ten things get muddy.

Corrigan’s therapist: Can you count for me Corrigan?

Corrigan: numbers?

Corrigan’s therapist: Yes, numbers!

Corrigan: One, Two, Thwee, Bore, Bive, Six, Seddy, Ate, Nein, Tenn!

Corrigan’s Therapist: Good! What comes after ten?

Corrigan: Nineteen!

Corrigan’s therapist: Uh, well, I guess it technically does!

Corrigan: One, Two, Thwee, Bore, Bive, Six, Seddy, Ate, Nein, Tenn, Nineteen, Nineteen, Nineteen, Nineteen, Nineteen, Nineteen, Tee-Tee!

Also, is this photo not hysterical?

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