It can’t already be the end of July, can it?

We headed out to the pool today.  It felt ten degrees cooler up on the mountain, which was a relief since it was 97 degrees here at the house when we left.  Connor wanted to stay behind to work on some summer homework (Which I believe is crap, by the way. Homework? During vacation? Summer breaks should be for rest and recuperation from a busy school year, but what do I know?) so Mark and I headed out with a bag of pool stuff and one almost-preschooler.

I think that it was the first time, aside from maybe a run to the supermarket or some boring errand, we had ever gone out with only Corrigan.  Not for a doctor’s appointment or port flush at the hospital, or some other poke, but out to have a few hours of toddler-focused fun.  We gave him all of our attention and kind of let him lead the afternoon. He had a blast and so did we.

Not too many photos today.  Strangely, I was happy to be in a swimsuit (okay, not happy about that) and up to my ears in the water.  The old Canon just isn’t as waterproof as I’d like!

This week is a busy one. Tomorrow morning we head out to have Corrigan’s hearing evaluated.  Wouldn’t it be something if all of his speech issues were due to undetected hearing loss? What? You think that should have probably been checked long ago?  Me too.  Ball. Dropped.

Tuesday we head to Baltimore for a checkup with Cor’s GI doctor and also a regularly scheduled visit with his metabolic team.  Two appointments, with a 90 minute gap in between.  In the middle of the summer, in Baltimore.  Oy vey.

Then two therapy sessions later on in the week and two family birthdays as well.  August is shaping up to be a doozy!

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