Random Wednesday Thoughts.

I haven’t taken a photo in days. Weird.

Corrigan’s hearing appointment went well.  Though “well” in regards to the results, not in how he behaved from the moment we walked into the building. Whew.  Three-years old is hard.

His Baltimore appointments went about the same though I had Connor with me on this clinic run so I wasn’t a complete wreck by the end of the day.  Taking Corrigan to the doctor is hard enough, he knows where he is and is anticipating the worst, no matter how many comfy couches and coffee tables are in the waiting room.  You can’t disguise a medical appointment with Cor and it is chaos from the moment we walk in.  When the receptionist hands me the dreaded clipboard, “Just fill out these forms!,” I could cry.  I do not have enough arms, or eyeballs for that matter, to do such polar-opposite tasks.

With Connor I was able to handle the paperwork end of things easier, though I could still hear him screaming from the waiting room on the far side of the floor.  Corrigan that is, not Connor.  Maybe in his head. I know I was in mine.  Also, I have to tell you that Connor can navigate a stroller in construction-filled, sidewalk closing Baltimore better than his own Dad. (no offense Mark, you passed on the street-navigating, avoid being squashed like Frogger gene!)  Not many moms would hand their youngest child over to their oldest child, especially one without a driver’s license, but he was safe, decisive and quick.  I’m not too proud to say that sometimes I need someone with me to strengthen me.  I can do it myself, and have many times, but what a relief to have some help on difficult days. Who knew Connor would grow into that role so easily?

I wish I had some sort of transition to put here.  My brain is tired.

On Twitter I follow FirstWorldPains, a handle used to highlight the silliness of our everyday complaints. The Tweets are humorous in that we are all pretty silly but it is funny how 5 or6 words can make you think. Your sweet tea didn’t have enough ice? Awwww. How about watching your kids dying of thirst in the Sudan? Perspective. I’m always looking for it.

When I find myself muttering over something stupid, I always add a mental hashtagto my thoughts. Mark even plays along now. When I grabbed some McDonald’s for dinner after a long-ride home and almost complained out loud about my fries tasting like old grease, I stopped myself and thought to myself ” #firstworldpains, Mindy. Get a grip.” A bit later, Mark said, “Why do I only get, like, 5 really good fries and then the rest of them are sharp, hard slivers anymore?” and then immediately added, “First world problems, eh?” Then we laughed. It helps. Pointing out the ridiculousness of my wealth compared to the majority of the other people on this planet, I like it. I mean, I am human, I am good at complaining and probably will do it again in an hour or so, but it doesn’t make me feel good.

Man, my internet is slow tonight.

I’m kidding!

Finally. This guy…

…is the best thing about Netflix. We haven’t had cable tv since the summer of 2009 but not because of any reason other than unemployment At least not at first. Being broke forced us to trim the fat and cable tv and internet was the first thing to go.  Then, when the light at the end of the tunnel appeared, we realized that there was less backtalk, less disrespect, less inappropriate humor when there was no opportunity to watch it portrayed on so-called “Family” channels and during Prime Time television. We liked each other better, and enjoyed being parents more, when we kicked the bad examples out of our house.

That being said, Giorgio Tsoukalo is reason to sit on the couch and waste an hour of your time. Netflix makes us more conscious of our viewing choices and the “Recently Watched” (which cannot be deleted btw) is like the Browsing History on your family’s computer. Everyone can see what everyone else is watching. Yes, I watch Ancient Aliens. I’m so ashamed.

Giorgio believes in alien hypothesis. The pyramids? Aliens. The entire human race? Aliens. Only he refers to them as “ancient astronauts.” How great is that? And my shirt tag reads “extra medium.”  But his hair! His hair. is. fabulous. It just bobs and flops as he talks and he means for it to look that way.  Every time he appears on some History Channel program or National Geographic television I am startled.  So is his hair, I think.

He is an expert. You should believe him.

Your comments are appreciated!

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