Back-to-School Prep

Back-to-school mania has begun.  I’ve been filling out registration paperwork, taking the boys for their physicals, dental appointments, hearing checkups, contact lens exams and clothes shopping. I knew that I needed to get Corrigan another haircut but have been putting it off. He did well the first time it was cut but he walked out looking a bit goobery for a few weeks and we are in the middle of a tantrum-filled season so I anticipated less cooperation this go’round.

We were at Walmart around lunchtime yesterday, after yet another run to the pediatrician for a lead test, (finger stick, ouch!)  and I grabbed Corrigan some fries to hold him over until we could get home. I was also hoping the fries would buy me some scream-free grocery shopping too.  When I walked by the in-store hair salon, I wondered if I would be better using the “quiet time” for a haircut attempt.

Luckily, the stylist was more than happy to move her stylist chair aside and cut Corrigan’s hair right in the grocery cart.  Cor wasn’t thrilled with the “cape” but as soon as he figured out how to free his hands to better reach his food he was fine.

I didn’t get an “after” shot-by the time she finished he was more than ready to leave (and it was only a trim) so I tossed my phone back in my purse but I grabbed a few shots while she was cutting.

(He was obviously starving to death. Must. Use. Both. Hands.)

Nom. Nom. Nom.

As funny as this is, his therapists will be thrilled. He is not only EATING but is sitting (mostly) still and dealing with the over-stimulation that he does not enjoy

(He doesn’t love having his hair/head touched)

and this, my friends, is the closest I will ever get to knowing what a daughter of mine might look like…


Connor has double practices all this week and starts his freshman year (!!!) of high school next week. Corrigan’s IEP meeting went well and it was decided that he will begin his special Pre-K on August 29 and will do two days a week until January.  We will then reassess and possibly add a third day after the new year.  Big changes for both of my boys this school year.  I hate to see summer end but I am excited for the new adventures to begin!

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