morning nature walk with Corrigan

Corrigan and I have been keeping busy in the mornings while Connor has soccer practice.  Today we headed to our local community college to take a hike on the nature trail.  Cor was apprehensive for most of the walk, you can tell when he is anxious by how tightly he purses his lips, but he stopped often to check out plants and fallen walnuts, and his ears perked up each time he heard a bird or something rustle in the woods.

We started out at the Zen maze and then headed into the forest.

He was a champ and only needed me to carry him for a short time near the end of the hike.  I think he will do great when we get him to the Pittsburgh Zoo!

I couldn’t coax a smile out this kid to save my life. That’s okay, I enjoy the serious expressions too.  It was humid this morning and his little curls were springing up along his hairline as we went along.

He stayed pretty close though I was not really restricting his freedom until we came to the waters edge.  He would run ahead a bit but always looked back to make sure I was close.

We heard the strangest bird (??) in the small creek along the path but our view was obstructed by a tangle of bushes. There were lots of squirrels to watch in the trees as well.

(Corrigan listening to something again near the water)

Corrigan was pretty perturbed with me when we reached the water and I would not let him climb down to swim. He kept signing the word “bath” and “please” to no avail.  I was not his favorite person for a little while after that.

It was a nice way to spend an hour though and I think we will head back out again later in the week. Maybe I will see a smile the second time around!


8 thoughts on “morning nature walk with Corrigan

  1. Thank you very much fot this nice pictures. If it is your son you must love him very much.
    Nice to tell him about the world in the wood and life.

    I don,t know anything about citrullinemia, looked it up here, and found barely nothing, only in

    Is it a difficult disease to live with ??

    Wish you all the best and go on taking this nice pictures !


    • Elly, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate your nice words. We are very lucky that Corrigan is pretty stable with his disorder but it can be tricky at times. I am trying to get him out more and get over my fear of germs so that he can have a better, happier life but sometimes it is hard. Overall though, we are VERY blessed and I couldn’t ask for more!


  2. Sorry I just read your other pages. Now I know a little bit about this disease of your son !
    It must be difficult for you .
    Also to deal with a husband, who is sick. So be proud of yourself taking these wonderful pictures.
    Taking photo,s is also for me a way of seeing life in a very special way. You can be wondered, about things. You can hold a life for a moment and see the beauty of it.
    You must be a strong women.
    Take my hat of for you!!


  3. He looks so cute with that super intense look on his face! 🙂

    I couldn’t help but smile when I read that he signed ‘bath’ and ‘please’ to you. I used to sign with both my kids and it was such a wonderful, wonderful experience!


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