another day, another photo post.

It’s been so much fun spending time with Corrigan this week. He has had zero tantrums while we were out, not even when I tell him it is time to leave the playground, and we have even gone shopping at the supermarket without fuss.Who is this kid?

We have made it to a playground or park every single morning even though I am battling a nasty cold that is trying its best to work its way deep into my chest.  I almost came straight back home after dropping Connor off at practice, it felt like someone punched me in the head, but I didn’t want to break our streak. I am glad I pushed through because once I got moving I felt a lot better.  I am praying that Corrigan doesn’t get this cold though, it is a doozy.

This morning we headed back to our City’s park for some peaceful playtime.  Yesterday it was so quiet and I loved that Cor and I were the only ones there for over an hour.  I was searching my brain for another playground we could hit, just to mix things up, but he had so much fun yesterday at this location so we went back.  It was 66 degrees and quiet as a mouse.

This is the same playground that I loved when I was little, though the original equipment is mostly gone now (the metal rocket in the foreground was around back in the 70’s though) and the park could use some maintenance.

There are some beautiful pockets of light this time of day and the morning mist makes for a nice diffuser for photos.

Corrigan doesn’t care much about climbing and swinging, he just wants to run and sing.  He would be just as happy if I pulled off next to a big empty field then any old playground but he will slide once in awhile.

Everything is still covered in dew when we get there in the morning and Corrigan is always soaked by the time that we leave.  I think that it is great that he isn’t fussy about being muddy or wet, I love dirty little boys.

(Connor says that it looks like Cor is doing one of his soccer stretches )

The smiles were abundant today, a big difference from his tight-lipped demeanor when we hiked into the woods on Tuesday morning.  I haven’t seen this many smiles in awhile!

He has had this red shirt for a long time now and I think it is one that I will save when he finally outgrows it.

We worked up an appetite today by walking all of the way down to the duck pond.  He didn’t have the energy to walk back up the hill, so I ended up having to carry him.  My lungs were already wrecked from coughing so much, the hike back to the car just about did me in but it was worth it.We have season passes to the zoo but just haven’t been able to get there this summer. Mark doesn’t get vacations, he hasn’t had a paid vacation in ten years now, so our family fun is limited to the weekends.  Somehow those weekends kept filling up with other obligations but maybe in the Fall we can finally get up there. I think that Corrigan will really enjoy walking and looking at the animals.

As long as they keep their distance…

The bigger ducks (geese?) were screeching and hollering as we approached each other and Corrigan didn’t seem afraid until this one poked his beak through the fence. After that Corrigan stayed back and kept his eyes on them at all times.

One more day to go and we will have made it out to run and play for five days in a row.  It is such a blessing that Corrigan is finally maturing and able to enjoy new surroundings and not have anxiety ruin his fun.  It’s fun being a big boy!

See ya later, alligator!!!

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