Never buy a canister vacuum!

Canister vacuums. Whew! Those things are heavy.  My Mother-in-law loaned me one of hers so that I could try it out before purchasing my own and I have to say that I didn’t realize they were such an effort to lug around.

What do they weigh?



I think that mine weights about 60lbs.

Maybe it is just because mine comes with this weird new attachment.

I’m not really sure what it does to add to the vacuum but I must say that it is adorable.  Vacuuming the steps is down right impossible though.

All joking aside, canister vacuums are pretty miserable to haul around but it does a better job sucking up the dirt than any upright I have ever had.  I have more hardwood floors than carpeted ones, so I am looking for something that does a good job on both surfaces.  I also have pets, so it needs to be able to suck up hair and should probably have a hepa filter. Oh, and if it could come in under $200.00 that would be awesome.

In the meantime, I broke out both the canister and the ShopVac for some Saturday cleaning and the moment that he heard the vacuum turn on, Corrigan came running to ride the “car!”  He will also accept “choo choo” as an acceptable alternate name for the vacuum.

(I spy with my little eye, a plastic banana and eleven dust bunnies. I’m tired. Don’t judge)

Our new house has a big dining room but the only table that we had to put in there was a small farmhouse-style kitchen one that we purchased eleven years ago.  The matching chairs broke a few years in (cheap pine) and we had been using a combination of chairs that were both wood and plastic ever since.  We do things classy around here, I tell ya.  The first time one of our therapists came to the new house she exclaimed, “Your table looks so tiny! Uh, I mean cute!”  Sure, sure you meant cute.  I bet she was dying to run home and replace her Bassett teak dining set with molded plastic folding chairs like mine.

In the spirit of being thankful for what I have, I quit complaining about how stupid my set up looked about four days after we moved in but because the dining room is framed by this long archway, dead center view from the front door, I kept my eyes open for something on Craigslist.

(What? You don’t think that looks like a good place to nap?)

Mark and I stumbled upon the best deal several weeks back and after a flurry of picture texts to friends and family we decided to go crazy and buy it. One of my texts read, “How hideously awesome is this set? Should I buy it?  I should buy it. Maybe?”  Didn’t matter that we do not own a truck to haul it home, we got it for $141.00, people.  Six solid-wood chairs and a carved pedestal table for under 150 smackeroos. Score!

Well, “score” if you like Spanish-style carved furniture, with mustard yellow VELVET COVERED SEATS.  Which, for the record, I don’t.  But I read a lot of Do-it-Yourself blogs and those ladies can whip up an ugly chair transformation in 2 hours flat.  Of course with my procrastination skills that translates to having mustard yellow chairs for the next ten years but lots of high hopes!  You have no idea how long I can live on hope.

Also, you can call it Harvest Gold all you want, but it looks like shiny mustard to me. And my dining room walls? Are mint green.  Think about it. You jealous?

So while Mark ran up to get the set (with a borrowed truck, thanks Buddy!) Corrigan and I moved everything out of the way and then vacuumed and scrubbed the floors until they shined like the top of the Chrysler Building! (quick, name that movie!)  Mark called to ask if I wanted him to snag the matching China Hutch while he was there.  I don’t know if I am ready for all of that Spanish beauty in one room but I do know that I am beyond excited to have six chairs that match.

Even if they are hideously awesome!

Photos to come (of course) but if you have any suggestions on a vacuum or just want to tell me how Harvest Gold is making a home decor comeback (lie to me!) the comments are open!

3 thoughts on “Never buy a canister vacuum!

  1. I know you want something that does both carpets and hardwoods pretty good, but I have to tell you about my Swiffer Broom Vac. I just love that thing so much. It is light weight, no cords and does an amazing job. It does not hold the charge though as long as I would like. But, it redeems itself with all its other awesomeness. I got my at Walmart. I just recently bought a Shark Navigator Vac that boasts of being light weight and detaches so you can get hard to reach places like stairs. It is a pretty powerful little vac but I am still not sure I that I love it that much. The cord is really short which can be frustrating.

    BTW…we finally sold our house and we have moved into a beautiful new house that has plenty of space! 🙂 The Lord is good and generous!! My lil Abbey has so much less anxiety here and is doing so much better overall.


    • Jennifer,
      Congrats on the move to a bigger house! We found the same thing with Corrigan, weird how a little more space eases their anxiety and makes everything a little easier. I have the Shark Steam Vaca nd I like it enough but don’t love it like I thought I would. I have heard great reviews on the Shark handvacs but hadn’t really thought about trying a stick vac. Hmmm, do you think a SticVac would have enough power for the dog and cat hair I need to suck up? I should buy one of those consumer reports magazines again. My MIL always said that when it comes to vacuums, you absolutely get what you pay for (she cleaned professionally for years) but then the Dysons came out in recent years and I wonder if that is an example of fashion/high price being the attraction ( not to mention the inventor’s fancy accent) that made people want them, instead of their quality/ability?


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