(not really)Wordless Wednesday:Oh how time flies

(Not really a “wordless” post this week.  I need to do better next time)

Corrigan is 39 months old.  It has now been a entire year since he had his PEG tube replaced with a more streamlined Mic-key button.  Physically, he hasn’t changed much since last August but my, oh my, has he grown.

This year, while Mark and Connor were on their annual trip to Hershey Park, I updated the August  photo.

In the first year photos, Corrigan was wearing only a diaper (those photos are on disc and no longer on this computer) so I have continued that tradition by keeping him shirtless so that the photos are semi-consistent.

He is probably not going to be happy about that in about five years.

(Seriously, Mom? Yo Gabba Gabba is on and I am missing it!)

I don’t try to pose him, I just snap the photos around the same day each year and hope for a few shots to add to the file.  This year I got lucky, he gave me a genuine smile.

That didn’t last long though.  Apparently I am pretty boring…

I just needed two or three shots and then he was out of there!  I wonder if he will still have his longer hair next August?  Tune in next year for the exciting saga of….nevermind.

Here he was in 2009.  He was 15 months old in these photos.

In 2010, he had just had his Mic-Key “installed” and was in no mood for photos.  27 months old.

And the 2011 shots…39 months old.

See? Not a whole lot of change between this year and last but it is fun to look for the differences.

What a blessing it is to watch him grow!

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