Clever Container Company- NUCDF Fundraiser

In my online “travels” I have met many children living with a Urea Cycle Disorder but not too many adults living with it.  I met Amy years ago, through this blog, and we have been in touch ever since.  Amy has been living with OTC (ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency) since she was little and has been an excellent resource for families that want to speak with someone that has had years of experience with UCD. Amy has decided to give back and is hosting a Fundraiser to benefit the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation with a company named “Clever Container Company.”

The Clever Container Missions states:

Clever Container Company is dedicated to helping people take control of their lives (1) by providing high-quality, innovative and functional tools—along with practical techniques and useful information—for organizing the world around them and (2) by offering business opportunities to motivated individuals who share our belief that an organized environment can lead to a more productive, fulfilling life for each of us.”

The company has some neat ideas for organizing your home, car and office…

Amy’s Fundraising Event is from September 7 – September 21 and 10% of her sales go to the NUCDF!   If you are interested in Clever Container Company you can visit Amy’s page here to place an order.

Amy and I thank you for your support!!!

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