Phone Photo Dump

I have 1084 photos stored on my phone and over 550 videos.  Over 90% of those photos never see the light of day.  I thought that I would share a few of my favorites from the last few weeks.  Corrigan and I have had to fill a lot of time while Connor is at soccer practice and that means lots of playgrounds and french fry dates.  I’ve enjoyed nearly every minute of it-except for Corrigan’s screaming when Connor is late coming out from practice and I won’t spring him from his car seat. That part I could do without.

I love the photos where Corrigan is running. That boy loves to feel the wind in his hair!

(Click on collage to view the photos larger)

Cute preschool story from this afternoon:

Corrigan’s school has double front doors and they are slightly tinted.  When I approach the doors, I cannot see if Corrigan and his teacher are waiting in the lobby but once I enter the first set of doors I can see him.  Today I walked through the first doors and noticed that he was standing with his teacher, patiently holding her hand while she talked to the school nurse.

Before I opened the second set of doors, I saw him pull down on her arm.  She stopped talking to the nurse and bent over closer to Corrigan. I imagine she thought he wanted to tell her something.  As soon as she was close enough, I watched as Corrigan stood up on his tippy-toes and placed a big fat kiss on her cheek!  What a precious moment that I am so glad I witnessed without him seeing me first.

The moment that he saw me come through the doors he said to his teacher, “Bye Bye! Zee Zoo! (see you!)” and came over to me.  I said, “You like Ms. Beth, do ya?” and he replied, “Tiss! (kiss!)”

Corrigan is very stingy with his kisses.  It is only recently that he has even passed them out at all but not to just anyone and rarely. How blessed are we that he loves his teacher so much already?

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