First Official JV soccer Game: Allegany vs. Bishop Walsh

This guy…

…is playing high school soccer.

Did you catch that?

High School.

Shut the DOOR, are you kidding me?  He was just 5 years old a minute ago.

It is an awesome gift to be able to watch him don the colors of my own Alma Mater and hit the field. I love cheering him on in the same stadium that I cheered on my own classmates 20 years ago.  Go Big Blue!

I spy Dad in the stands…

I wasn’t sure how Corrigan would do in the stadium but I had no choice but to take him because I wasn’t missing Connor’s first game! Cor did fine, though he got a bit overheated from running around and was asking to take a nap about 3/4 of the way through the game, but overall it was tolerable. The cheerleaders helped.

He was fascinated…

Look! Monika made it!

Connor didn’t get a whole lot of playing time but he looked great out there when he was on the field! As the season progresses, so will his skills and hopefully the coach will give the new 9th grader more of a chance to prove himself out there!

Did I mention that Corrigan loved the cheerleaders? Or wants to be one of the cheerleaders?

Some shots of the game. Can you spot Connor? ( #19)

Wait, the cheerleaders are doing something again.  Must. Stop. And. Watch.

It was a great game.

But what was the score? I’m glad you asked ( I totally heard you)  Here you go…

I’d say “dominated” is a good word to use, eh? I know I already said it but…

GO  BIG  BLUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your comments are appreciated!

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