Stadium and Smiles

Last year I missed almost almost all of Connor’s soccer season. Corrigan was right in the middle of some barely manageable behavioral issues and the previous years of sleep deprivation had caught up to me. I just didn’t have the energy to deal with what Corrigan could dish out in public. It was easier to stay indoors and eat myself into oblivion. That obviously worked out well. pfft.

Mark kept Corrigan during onegame last year so that at least I could say I watched Connor play once and it felt like a spa vacation to be able to sit in my crappy old lawn chair, on the side of a bug infested field.

To sit? During a game?  Bliss!

I dream of sitting through entire soccer games and even though there isn’t a whole lot of sitting during this season (so far), Corrigan is really growing up and able to handle longer periods of time in public and his behaviors are not any worse than any other preschooler’s would be at a boring old stadium.

Let me just also throw out that I can now take Corrigan to the grocery store without much fuss these days too. In fact, I might as well toot his horn and tell you that I can even make a multiple store run with the turkey too.  We have very few meltdowns and when he does flip out, it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds and then he is over it.

He is still sleeping through the night as well. Hallelujah!

I hope it doesn’t sound too dramatic to say that my life is 4000% better these days.  Being able to leave the house is such a blessing.  Watching Corrigan tackle his anxieties and overcoming them makes me proud.  There are still some issues and most revolve around his near total lack of speech and the frustrations that come with all of that, but he is improving and we are hopeful!  I still don’t get to see much of the actual soccer games but I am in the stadium and that makes me super happy!

Speaking of happy…Corrigan was a happy boy at Monday night’s game.  I got so many great shots of him willingly smiling for my camera, I think he is finally understanding what I expect from him when I point it his way, and the pay off is just tons of cuteness.

People always want to know what is on his arm.  Corrigan is wearing a SafetyTat.  Printed on each temporary tattoo is his condition and the words, “protein restricted.”  I hadn’t applied one in awhile but since we are at the stadium, surrounded by large crowds (though obviously no crowd around in these photos!) I thought I should bring them out again.

I worried that if we became separated, a kind-hearted person might give him a snack (like the deli-counter lady that handed him a piece of cheese at the market last night.  Oof!) while waiting for someone to find his Mom but then after I thought about it, it might be better to use the “If Lost Please Call” SafetyTats instead, since he doesn’t know his own name and cannot communicate his needs in any capacity.  Maybe I really just need to order him a new medical alert bracelet that has all of our contact info and continue to use the SafetyTats that share his disorder information.  Or just never ever let him out of my sight for a second.

That should be easy, right?

There are likely to be tons of soccer shots over the next 6-8 weeks.  I know that the majority of them are not all that interesting to most people but I like to look at them and it is a big part of Connor’s life now so I am going to try to do a slideshow of the action shots on some posts.  Have a great week!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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