Corrigan-ism #1

Do your kids ever say the cutest things and someone always says, “That’s adorable you should write that down so you’ll remember it in 50 years!”  and then you totally forget?

Consider this post my version of “writing it down” and make note that this is pretty exciting for us.  Corrigan has very little language (39 months old) and rarely puts two words together.   My Dad has these crazy sayings that my sister and I like to call “Dad-isms” so this is Corrigan’s first “-ism!”

In a previous post I shared our zoo photos. Corrigan was interested in the animals but obviously the aquarium tunnel impacted him the most. Nothing like witnessing your first shark up close while trapped in humid tube.

As much as he seemed interested, it is really hard to gauge how much information he is processing.  He does, however, make it clear that he enjoys fish. Or as he likes to call them, “shish.”

He also loves trains, buses and airplanes.

A few days after the zoo, we were watching a cute preschool show on Netflix and there was a scene that took place in an aquarium tunnel, similar to the one that we were in just days before.  The narrator was naming the sea creatures and there was a segment on sharks.  All of the sharks though, were shown in the aquarium tunnel, not in an ocean setting.

As the children were all excitedly pointing up at the shark swimming overhead, Corrigan turned to me and very seriously exclaimed, “Airplane shish!”

I wasn’t paying much attention at first but he was repeating it while looking directly at me for confirmation.  “Airplane Shish!” he repeated over and over until it was like someone hit me in the head with a hammer.

Doh! He was not only naming something new, he had reached into his limited vocabulary and named it using words he understood.  He knew it was in the water, so it was a fish and he had only seen it floating overhead in the “sky”(which everything above his head is categorized), without any concept of an ocean,  so it must be an airplane!

His little gears worked hard to make that connection and I wanted to document it here, “write it down” in a way, so that we can tell his kids about it someday. I know it is kind of silly but it cracks me up that every time we see a shark now he knows what it is called…

And from this day forward it shall now be called “Airplane Shish Week” Sounds menacing, right?

10 thoughts on “Corrigan-ism #1

  1. You do realize that this is sooooo cute that one day when he is a teenager you will be in WalMart and someone is going to walk up to you and remind him of this. As I walk away he is gonna ask how I knew something like that. You are then gonna have to fess up to all the blogs. LOL!!! It is really adorable! Just like Corrigan. Thanks for Sharing!


    • Rachelle, oh it our DUTY to remind the kids of their cuteness no matter their age but ESPECIALLY if it embarrasses them a little in the middle of Walmart! lol


  2. You know in your picture the shark also looks like an airplane, with the fins shaped and placed like the wings of the airplane? Love it! Airplane Shish all the way!!



    • so we are all set to call them Airplane Shish forever and yesterday he clearly repeated the word SHARK! What the heck? You cannot learn something THAT FAST, I never even got to work AIRPLANE SHISH INTO PROPER CONVERSATION! lol. Maybe it was a one-time fluke, the proper pronunciation that is.


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