Corrigan’s 1st Parent Conference

This little guy is doing terrific in preschool.  It’s been good for him and we are seeing big changes in Mr. Corrigan.  Sadly no changes on the eating side of things, but otherwise he is growing and catching up at a nice pace. Of course I want him to talk yesterday, so it is hard to see the real gains he is making in the area of speech, but his parroting of words, when asked has finally begun.  He is making great eye contact and really concentrating on the way my mouth moves when I am working on a word.  He is also spontaneously repeating words now, though not frequently, but enough that I’m now keenly aware of the need to watch what I say.  Heck, even how I say it.  He is the little mimic on tone of voice and facial expressions.  To think that there was a time that he never made eye contact, that we had real worries that he might not ever.  He seeks out eye contact now, even grabbing my face to make me look at him.

His preschool parent conference meeting was this evening and all reports are that he is doing great.  There are weepy moments and times that he gets caught up in his frustrations but they are working to help him learn to transition from activity to activity and finding ways to calm him down. He is sitting through all of Opening now and even sits at the table for several activities.  She said that they were considering moving their class Opening visuals to in front of the table because Corrigan prefers to learn sitting in a chair rather than on a rug in circle-time fashion.

That was a bit shocking to me ( he sits, in a chair and does stuff you ask?) It was also awesome to hear. They took us over to the sensory room and now I know why Corrigan loves school.  Gymnastic mats and giant bean bags.  A platform swing that is hung from the ceiling but only 3 inches off of the floor.  A nice sized rectangular trampoline with safety bars.  Lights strung in light sensory areas and bubbling neon tubes that Corrigan thought had “shish” in them. It is an active child’s idea of Heaven.

His teacher said that he was ready for another day of preschool a week. She suggested Tuesdays because it was another day with a really small class size.  On the way out we thought we would see if Corrigan could lead us out of the school without any guidance.  For reference, the special needs area of the school is around and behind the main part of the school building.  It is a few turns and long hallways to get from point A to point B.

He strutted ahead with his arms swinging. All we told him was “Let’s go bye-bye to the car” and he was off. He didn’t run though, he just walked a bit ahead, and he made all of the right turns without hesitation and lead us straight out of the front door of the school.  Again, we were shocked but thrilled.  There are some things firing in that little head of his.  Connections are finally being made and his world is getting bigger every single day.

He has a lot of work to do.  To see him demonstrating, with his teacher, a speech device that they are teaching him in therapy, was a hard hit for my heart.  He is progressing but not as fast as he needs since it is clear that he can learn in other areas but is missing that crucial speech component.  I had, not long ago, been thinking that it might be good to look into something that could help speak for him but I didn’t think that he had the attention span, or the basic understanding of the point of the device, to really look into it yet.

There it was though and he was pressing buttons.  He isn’t using it in its proper context quite yet but he shows excitement and interest and just the fact that they are starting on it was cool to see.  Corrigan might think that he goes to school to flip around on bouncy mats but it is clear that his teachers are there with a plan of action and patience to teach him in whatever way is best suited to his current needs. I feel blessed that he is fitting in so well in his new school.  It just thrills my heart to know that he is thriving in a safe and fun environment.

Good work Corrigan. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!!



2 thoughts on “Corrigan’s 1st Parent Conference

  1. So happy I found you on SITS!
    My daughter has a congenital heart defect. She is also in a preschool that is focusing on bringing her up to speed on her speech and developmental skills. She has a g-tube. I hadn’t heard of UCD’s before today, but your words speak to me as I’m feeling much the same way. Also, I love your pictures 🙂
    Are you on twitter?


    • I am on Twitter! I am mooneyequalsmc2 on there! Thanks for stopping by, sounds like we have a LOT in common! Isn’t the internet fantastic???


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