Easy yarn craft: candy corn

I’m not a craft blogger but I do love the feeling of making something with my own hands.  Autumn is my favorite season of the year but we do not celebrate Halloween.  I don’t enjoy monsters and witches or anything “evil” or scary,  so all of my Fall decorating is more of a Harvest look.  By eliminating the obvious Halloween decorations, they can stay up far longer than October 31st and can be enjoyed all of the way through Thanksgiving!

This craft has been around forever and I’m certainly not reinventing the wheel here but it is such a simple project that I wanted to share.  It involved a little too much dexterity for Corrigan to participate this year but should be fine for those over 4 years old.

Here is all that you need:

Yarn (orange, white and yellow)

Foam cones (mine were $1.00 each at Dollar Tree)

Scissors to snip the end of the yarn

Something to poke the end of the yarn into the foam when you switch colors. (I used my meat thermometer)

There is no glue needed for this project.  The foam acts almost like velcro with the yarn and you probably don’t even need to tuck the ends underneath (or into the foam) but I figured that little hands might want to play with mine so I poked my ends into the foam for sturdiness.

Start at whatever end makes you happy and start wrapping! I’ve seen them done in super neat rows but I like the chunkier look of layer upon layer of yarn and even like the criss-cross effect as well. I think that the messier it is, the more “country” it looks and my front porch decorations are more this design than my more formal mantel decorations indoors.

There are varying sizes of cones available but since I was trying to keep this “cheap” I stuck with the dollar store cones.  I think I saw much larger sizes at JoAnn Fabric but they started at $4.99 each.  I may splurge and buy one or two larger ones later this week to balance out my displays.

Here are the finished candy corns.  I made three in less than 20 minutes.

My second batch I was more careful to wrap all of the way down to the very bottom of the cone bases. It is harder to get the yarn to “stay” at the ends but not impossible.

Aren’t they cute?

Here they are on the fireplace mantel…

and here is where they will likely stay (if they don’t blow away!)…

Connor and I are going to work on some candy corn wreaths this weekend and if we don’t burn all of our fingers off with the glue guns, or eat all of the candy corn before we get started, I will share that project next week!

6 thoughts on “Easy yarn craft: candy corn

    • Thanks Erica. It was left behind and just sitting on my porch. Thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to use it and make the house look a little festive.


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