“Who am I kidding, it’s never WORDLESS” Wednesday: demolition man

The boy already loves buses, trains and firetrucks.  Thanks to the demolition of the abandoned house next door, just 15 feet from his favorite window, he is now infatuated with construction vehicles.  I’ve found him with his nose pressed against the glass more times than I can count!

He calls all of the machines “airplanes” despite my attempts to teach him the super easy word “excavator” or “backhoe with grapple.”

(Backhoe, trackhoe, whatever, my degree in celebrity gossip is useless here)

(Corrigan, that is an excellent approximation of the claw-thingy on the digger-ma-jig!)

His new interest in construction vehicles does not mean that he cares one lick for Bob the Builder though. I tried playing it for him, on Netflix, but his head exploded. He really is a picky tv watcher.

Also, I wish I didn’t sell, give away or throw out hundreds of dollars of Connor’s perfectly good Tonka vehicles from 2001.  Or all of Connor’s Toy Story toys. Or all of Connor’s Lion King stuff.  It makes me sick to my stomach to have to buy this stuff all over again.

So these little trucks from the Dollar store are going to have to do for now.

I thought I’d miss the Barbies and pink frou-frou, but I don’t.  Boy stuff is pretty amazing.

However I am going to miss that empty house next door.  It was nice knowing there was no one over there who could see me doing my 90’s dance moves at the kitchen window while I’m doing dishes.  Except for the feral cats.  They loved watching me getting jiggy with it.

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on ““Who am I kidding, it’s never WORDLESS” Wednesday: demolition man

  1. Oh darn, he doesn’t care for Bob the Builder. Ha Ha The videos totally annoy me also so I really don’t blame him at all. However, Abbey is totally into construction equipment and vehicles and she is totally into Bob stuff. She watches the videos but only for the theme song which is one of her favorite tunes! I am glad Corrigan had this awesome opportunity to watch right from his window!!


  2. Mindy, try the movies by “Real Wheels” My nephews love them. they are all actual real life equipment. Amazon has them pretty inexpensive. All the the starts with “There went a ….” They have ones about buses, tractors, trucks, and more.


    • Thanks Susan! There are some on Netflix, he loves the one called ALL ABOUT AIRPLANES. I watched one about how school buses were made but everyone was bored. lol. I found it fascinating and watched it all of the way until the end! lol


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