Soccer Homecoming 2011

The soccer season is coming to a close and last week Connor got to play in his first high school soccer Homecoming.   He attends my Alma Mater and it was such a cool feeling to see my boy out on the same stadium field that my friends played on almost 20 years ago.

Earlier that morning the parents of the players went to the stadium to decorate for the evening’s event and by game time I was practically bouncing with excitement.  It was freezing cold, with winds approaching 30mph and sprinkles of rain thrown in for the heck of it, but spirits were high.

Connor hadn’t seen a whole lot of playing time this season. Whether it was because he was a freshman, or just didn’t stand out to the coach, he was a bit dejected overall these past few months.  Add bilateral knee pain and a quad sprain to the equation and he was fighting an uphill battle get on the field to play at all.

I was so afraid that he might not be put in for Homecoming, but was hopeful that the coach would find a way to get every boy off of the bench at least a few minutes, and I nearly jumped over two rows of bleachers to snap some photos when I saw that his coach was giving him the “go” to play.

(waiting for the ref to call in the subs)

Once he was on the field all of my attention was on number 19.  Sadly, my camera was throwing a tantrum that evening and out of nearly 100 shots only a handful were in focus.  I tried many different settings but I think the shutter button is just about shot and I was missing shots, left and right, when I was pressing the button and the reaction time was so delayed.   It’s okay though, I’d rather watch him play with my own two eyes, rather than later through photos anyway.

He did great out there.  I even caught him smiling a few times.  He was quick as lightning, wasn’t afraid to GET the ball (even if it meant he was knocked flat on his back at one point) and played for an entire quarter.  It was so great to see and I am so proud of him.

Both JV teams held off each other at the net so the final score was 0:0.  Players parents had the opportunity to have their player’s photo and number put up on the scoreboard and I manged to catch Connor’s after missing it so many times.

He has already grown and changed so much from the team photos taken only a few months ago!

I’m not sad the season is over.  It was tough managing all of the practices and games with only one vehicle, an uncooperative preschooler and all of the expense that comes with letting your child play an organized sport but it was worth it.  I am sorry that Connor was injured but we wouldn’t have known his pelvis was out of alignment, or that his left knee cap was floating and could be easily injured, if not for his sprained quad.  Connor made new friends, had new experiences and learned that even when you work your butt off…even if you are good at what you do…sometimes you have to wait for your chance to shine.

Maybe next year.

We have 8 months to recuperate, strengthen his knee in sports therapy, and work on skills that were a little lacking this season.  I know how determined Connor can be and now that he knows what he is in for,  next season will be wholly different.

Love you Connor.  You’re a good egg!

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