What a weekend

(reading while resting at the hospital)

Corrigan had the worst weekend and could use a break.  We are still unsure what is causing   some of the issues that have popped up over the last three days but I took him to his team at Johns Hopkins on Friday and left with more questions than answers.  A trip to our local ER on Saturday morning didn’t make him very happy, nor did the one we made this evening.  We are unsure if he is getting a stomach bug or his stomach ulcers have returned but thankfully he is sleeping in his own bed tonight with a comforting ammonia of 45.

I have a lot that I would like to get out of my head and onto this cyber-paper but I’ve seemed to lost the taste for words.  I’ve been avoiding this blog for weeks now. I try though  but I’m sure you can tell my heart isn’t in it.  I suppose it will return, but for now I will just make this official note of our crappy weekend and ask that if you could spare a prayer for Corrigan it would be greatly appreciated.

****As I was typing up this post, feeling pretty low about things, I heard squealing tires and the sound of something banging across the empty lot next door. You know, the one that they just demolished a few weeks ago?  A split second later a car crashed into my house not six feet from where I was sitting, and directly underneath the window seat that Corrigan plays on. I am so thankful that this house is brick and sturdy.

It was the scariest sound I have ever heard. The young lady climbed out on her own and refused medical treatment. She was laughing with her friends as the Fire and Rescue pulled away. We just inspected inside, where I was sitting, and there are large cracks all around the seating area. All of the walls have deep cracks and the ceiling is riddled with lines. We will have to have it inspected for safety. The window frames are popped loose from the wall yet not a single window cracked. It is strange that someone can crash into your house and within 45 minutes it is all cleaned up and quiet, yet the homeowner is left with figuring out what to do with a gaping hole in the foundation on a rainy Sunday night.

We really need a vacation.

3 thoughts on “What a weekend

  1. OMG Mindy! I will keep you in my prayers this week. I have been pondering lately why strange upsetting (but not life threatening) and inconvenient things happen like this in waves. I don’t don’t know the answer but it could just be to test our hearts response and attitude. I never know really if my response passes the test or not. I would not be too happy if a car ran into my house though and they were laughing about the days events.


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