Sick day update

(blankets protect furniture from barfing toddlers)

Looks like it might have been a stomach bug working on Corrigan this weekend. He began vomiting yesterday evening and after a run to the ER it was determined his ammonia was stable and he got some fluid, anti-vomiting medicine and was sent home to recover. He got another dose of anti-vomiting meds before bed but right before the next dose was due he vomited again.

This morning it was decided that he is off of protein for at least another 24 hours and has to be hooked up to his feeding pump for continuous feeds. Dehydration is very dangerous for those with a Urea Cycle Disorder which is why it is such a great thing to have his g-tube during times like these. If he didn’t have a feeding tube he would have to be hospitalized for IV fluid/nutrition but for now we are able to stay in the comfort of our home because of that tiny little hole in his tummy.

As if three different trips to a hospital and a car crashing into our home (there are photos of the crash on the post just before this one) wasn’t enough fun for one weekend, the water department is working on the main line here today so we are without water for the next 8 hours. We had advanced notice so we filled our tubs and sinks, filled lots of empty lemonade/apple juice/ice tea containers with fresh clean water ( I knew I saved them for a reason! ) but we couldn’t have anticipated that I would be dealing with vomit-covered bed linens and no way to use my washing machine.

Corrigan is in relatively good spirits all things considered.  The skin around his g-tube became angry looking overnight and when he moves a lot it bleeds a bit.  He is being cooperative about having to be tethered to his IV pole, which surprises me.  I do have a backpack for his feeding pump but he is laying around a lot and woke with a low grade fever.  I don’t know about you but when I am fevered, even my skin hurts, so I didn’t think he would enjoy a 5lb. pack on his back right now. Maybe in a bit if he perks up.

Every time I find myself at the sink, forgetting that the water is off, or dealing with an angry three year old because he can’t go upstairs to play in his room while hooked up to an IV pole, I take a deep breath and remind myself that as great as everyone is at our local hospital, being home is 1000% better than being admitted.  Even with the car crashes and the stack of pukey blankets in a pile on the back porch!

2 thoughts on “Sick day update

  1. Hang in there mommy!! I have not had to deal with the stomach virus with my tube fed baby yet thankfully but I know it will happen one day and I don’t look forward to it. But, we just had the Hand Foot Mouth Virus and it erased all of hard work getting our 2 1/2 y/o to finally eat a little bit of stage one baby food by mouth. Now we are back to 100% tube feeds.


    • Jennifer,
      It has kept us out of the hospital, that little g tube, and we are thankful but it is a lot of work. I have to run it really slowly because his stomach is so shaky and within the last hour the diarrhea has hit him so badly that a diaper cannot even contain it. I have no idea if 60ml can keep him hydrated enough when it is coming out of both ends. The zofran has settled his vomiting right this moment. So we are only dealing with the other end. He feels like dirt but can’t tell me what hurts, this is such a crummy sick to deal with but hoping we can stay home. I will update when I can.


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