a photo update

It has been a long month of doctor appointments and ER visits, none of which make interesting blog posts.  My camera is now in the shop and I fully expect a call telling me that I need to come down to euthanize it humanely.  The poor thing has been a good friend,  for an inanimate object that is.  Here are the (possibly) last photos taken with the loyal Canon Rebel XT ( b. 2003)

(He was finally feeling better and able to play a bit outside on the back deck)

(Big brother hanging out with us. Age 14)

I love this photo but by posting it I might find myself sleeping on the couch tonight..

I had just told him that every photo I was taking of him had huge sun glare bouncing off of his newly shaved head.  See that expression?  I love when he looks at me like that. Kindest eyes ever.

Trying to sneak out of the house…”Fresh air mom!”

Finally, just a few photos I pulled from my phone.

(playing on the stairs outside of the doctor’s waiting room)

(In the car on the way to Hopkins. Petting Grandma’s stuffed kitty for comfort)

(Both boys waiting at yet another doctor appointment)

(playing with tongue depressors at yet ANOTHER doctor’s appointment)

See?  Pretty boring stuff.  Hoping that the next batch of photos are more joyful!

Your comments are appreciated!

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