Do you have poop on your phone?

It is funny how my phone became the electronic device favored by Corrigan.  He wouldn’t dare touch his Dad’s phone, in fact they are often sitting side-by-side on the counter and he only ever grabs mine.

Remember when Anderson Cooper learned that his phone was the most disgusting, germ-ridden thing in the entire world?

Quick side note: When searching for the A. Cooper phone video to link up for this post, I Googled “Anderson Cooper cell phone” and cracked up at the headlines I found. “Anderson Cooper’s Cell Phone is Covered in Poop!“- “Anderson Cooper has poop on his phone“-“Anderson Cooper’s Cell Phone Poop Problem“- “Anderson Cooper’s Cell Phone has Poop on it too!

Wait, too?

Supposedly we all have traces of fecal matter on our phones.  Also,  Bubonic plague with a smidge of cooties.   I think that my phone might need vaccinated.  Thank heaven’s for Clorox disinfecting wipes and handheld UV light wands. Corrigan will soon have his own electronic device to sneeze all over (Shhh! Don’t tell Santa I told you -PS. not an iPad-I wish) and I can bathe mine in bleach.

Until then, I continue to hand over my phone without a fight and lately Corrigan and I have been in a silent battle of app wills.  See, I like the way that I have my apps organized and, apparently, Corrigan does not.  When I think that he is playing Starfall ABC he is, instead, reorganizing my apps into strange folders. While annoying, it is kind of cute the way he chooses to sort them, but I draw the line at changing my Top 4.

You know…the row of your four most used apps that stay at the bottom of your screen no matter how many pages of apps you have? My top four are pretty boring…

 Camera + (my most used camera app), Phone (obviously), access to my music and Safari to access the web.  In that order too, mind you. That way I can get to what I need, without looking, while not operating a moving vehicle.  Never. Never ever.  Ahem.

Yet every single time I get my phone back from Corrigan he has changed my top 4 to look like this instead…

Doesn’t matter if he has it for 5 minutes, or 5 hours, he takes his favorite app (Baby First) and moves it so that he can access it easily, moving my Safari app to the very last page on my phone. I’ve already had to turn off the ability to delete apps because things were disappearing and it would take me days to figure out what I was missing ( I am terrible about backing things up online) and I would have to re-download things frequently.  But I am not sure if I can prevent him from rearranging.

Connor likes to do that same thing, just to be a goof…put things in strange subfolders and rename them and thanks to Connor I now have the same problem as Anderson Cooper. I wonder how long this one has been labeled this way?

I’d go play the same trick on Connor, label one of his folders “Connor likes unicorns” or something, but he defected to the Droid and I have no idea how to work that thing. Corrigan does though, I should probably go ask him.

2 thoughts on “Do you have poop on your phone?

  1. All I know is, Corrigan knows how to answer your phone and gets VERY ticked off that “someone” is interrupting his playtime. He also knows how to hang up on the person, after telling them off. lol

    I ever “graduate” to a big person phone… Connor and Corrigan are going to have to teach me. After they wash their hands of course.


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