Hey there, cutie!

The past few days have been relatively quiet around here.  No races to the emergency room or middle-of-the-night calls with bad news about loved ones.  It has been nice to catch our breath a bit and remember what a normal day feels like.

Houdini here (aka, Corrigan) has managed to slip out of every sling or straight jacket we have rigged to keep his left arm immobilized and after waking to find the Ace bandage we rigged to try and keep it still, wrapped around his neck instead of his arm, we have waved the white flag.  Until that pediatric immobilizer I ordered a week ago finally arrives, we are relying on his natural instinct to not really utilize that arm and not allowing him to run or climb.  You can imagine how well that is going.

Corrigan is doing great though.  It has been, literally, months since I have seen him look this healthy, his dark under eye circles have faded, and his is pink-cheeked and chubby once again.  His brain is making quicker connections than I have seen for all of Autumn and consequently he is learning rapidly and his speech is getting clearer, and his brain is able to find words faster, every day. I don’t know why and I don’t know how long it will last, but it is a breath of fresh air after a miserable few months of sickness and brain fog.

It sure is nice to see that huge smile again and I hope to capture many many more in 2012.


Your comments are appreciated!

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