I had an entire post typed but it didnt post. Ugh. Long story short, the heat has been out on our unit all night with freezing air blowing out of the system and no way to turn it off. Warming packs were delivered around 6am. It has been a long, miserable night. It is less than 60 degrees in our room with a hard breeze from the vents. We are layered in street clothes over top of our pajamas. Im so fed up with this place.

2 thoughts on “Brrrrrr

  1. How can they allow the heat to be out in one of the top hospitals in the world?? That is beyond ridiculous. I mean really. HELLO. Youre a HOSPITAL. Im so sorry you are dealing with all this manure. I pray it is the whole of 2012’s crap dumped on you at once so the rest is smooth sailing. Love you and praying for you…. xoxox


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