Home Sweet Home

(oh Pap Pap, you have no idea how much he loves this bus. Thank you.)

Still limited to cell phone photos over here.  I put my camera in the shop on December 7th and then all hell broke loose in our lives, not to mention so many weeks of missed work so the repair fee isn’t in the budget, that it still sits, ready to be picked up, downtown.  Surely they wouldn’t sell it, would they?

I have about a gajillion photo apps on my phone though and I love being able to edit from the palm of my hand.  They would probably never print very well, but I am super thankful for the camera phone!

We are home from the hospital.  We got home a little after 9 pm last evening.  Corrigan napped the second half of our trip so that when we walked in the door he was so jazzed at being back that he, literally,  danced and skipped around until 11:30pm.   I came home to a spotless house and a fluffy, nice-smelling dog.  I don’t know how my Mother-in-Law performs such miracles but I could have cried at how amazing everything looked.

We were so lifted up these last 6 days.  My Dad drove into Baltimore every single day to sit with me for hours…to give me the support I so desperately needed.  Tuesday morning was a bad, bad one…all of the hospital errors were compounding by the hour and as hard as I was trying to hold it together, more crap kept flying at us until I was sobbing into my phone while my Dad listened.  His appearance that afternoon gave me the strength to get through those that followed and I am forever grateful.

The phone calls, emails and texts were full of love and support, I don’t even feel worthy.  While Corrigan isn’t aware of all of the stuff that was going on around him, I am sure he felt the stress and a calmer mommy is a better mommy.  There is a switch that gets flipped when our kids get sick and it keeps us from melting into a puddle of emotion and allows us to focus without distraction on the task at hand but my switch has been broken by weeks and weeks of stress that compounded and pounded me into the ground.

I wasn’t the strongest Mom on the unit these last six days but I’ve learned a lot from everything and I am working hard to get a grip on some things that have prevented me from being the Mindy that I should be.  I need to do better and be stronger.  Pronto.

Corrigan is doing well.  We didn’t leave the hospital with the perfect numbers we were hoping for but they are far better than they were these past few months but the longer we stayed in the hospital, the more dangerous it was getting for Corrigan.  We couldn’t afford for him to catch the RSV or stomach viruses that were filling the hospital, his system just couldn’t take the hit.  We head back down next Friday to see how he is responding to a new diet plan and then we will be heading into DC, near the end of January, to participate in a Long Term Clinical Trial for a drug that we hope will be a true blessing for Corrigan.

But for now we are thrilled to be back with Mark and Connor and look forward to some quiet days.  We all need some fresh air and sunshine and it looks like the weather might cooperate.  Stay well!

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I am thrilled you are home,,,not as much as you are I am sure but thrilled just the same! I will praying your clinical trial turns out to be exactly what Corrigan needs! If there is ANYTHING that I can do to help you even in the smallest way please let me know. I am not sure what is all needed and don’t want to do something that would be a problem, but would love to be of help in some way!

    BIG HUG and lots and lots of prayers!


  2. Thank you Sairah and Rachelle! It is hard to relax, it feels like every time we do we get hit with something else, but we have to keep trying! Love you both!


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