a wainbow!

Today we headed out for the dentist’s office for a cleaning. Both boys had appointments and both went fairly well.  While we were waiting for Corrigan to be called back, I noticed that he was grunting a little bit while playing, as if something were hurting, but I couldn’t discern what might be ailing him.  By the time we left the office, he was hot to the touch and big fat tears were rolling down his cheeks.

*side note:

The dentist said that Corrigan’s teeth were “beautiful” to which Connor replied, “Well he doesn’t eat anything, they should be! They’re practically just for show!” ha! Someone was a bit bitter that there was a teeny tiny cavity on one of his back molars (*ahem*) but all joking aside, did you know that tube-fed children actually can have more decay than children that eat normally and should be seen more frequently by a dentist?

It seems contrary doesn’t it?  The act of chewing creates saliva which helps to remove bacteria from the teeth and children that rarely/never chew miss out on that process.  Plaque buildup can cause chest infections and lead to bad breath and tube-fed kids often have reflux issues which cause acid to come back up and lay on the teeth.  Also, chewing exercises the gums and tube fed children can also have gum issues. If you have a child that has oral sensitivities on top of all of that, the fight to even get a tooth brush in the  mouth is a twice daily event and can cause added stress and further refusal to take things by mouth.

Thankfully Corrigan likes a toothbrush, which is really strange since a spoon and fork freak him out, but he opens willingly for me and will even scrub his own teeth pretty well by himself.  He evens lets me floss his front teeth!  I have to be very careful with toothpastes because he does not know how to spit but our diligence on his dental care is paying off.  I cannot imagine the issues we would have if he had a cavity and needed a filling, full sedation I suppose would be needed, but thankfully everything continues to look good and there have been no problems! 

Okay, so back to the morning…

A trip through the drive-thru didn’t brighten his spirits and he fell asleep with a french fry in his hand and a single tear on his cheek. It was pathetic.  When we got home he threw up once and then fell asleep for less than an hour.   I felt oddly calm about it, I feel fairly confident that his ammonia is stable but something is definitely working on his system. It would make sense that he picked up something because he was in church on Sunday, went to school all three of his days this week, and has spent a lot of time in a hospital in the last two weeks.

By this afternoon he was perked back up to his normal energy levels, the Motrin knocked out his fever and it hasn’t yet returned and he seems okay.  I was on the phone with his dietitian, discussing his amino lab report and whether or not to institute his sick-day protocol, when I spotted a big fat arch of color out of my kitchen window.  I ran up to grab Corrigan and we stood on our side deck ooohing, and ahhing, over his first real life rainbow!

He is absolutely smitten with rainbows and loves to point them out in books and on signs, but this was the first time he noticed one in the sky and it was so close to our house that it must have been amazing for him.  He pulled his Daddy down to his level and said, “A wainbow….whoa!”

It isn’t the prettiest view outside of our doors, and who knew that rather than a pot of gold there is actually a tattoo parlor at the end of the rainbow, but whoa….indeed.

I love the wonder in his eyes…

He didn’t want to come back inside, and apparently I was all kinds of “in his way” here…
 (Mom, move! You’re blocking the wainbow!)
…but baby, Mama just got her camera back out of the shop and I missed shooting your beautiful face!

Enjoy your weekend…may it be happy and healthy!

2 thoughts on “a wainbow!

  1. I love watching him grow… and the facial expressions he makes remind me much of Oliver’s. It’s amazing where our children take us, on these tracks… I’m so grateful that you keep blogging.. :0) Thank you for sharing a piece of Corrigan’s day.. I enjoy tuning in 🙂


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