A stuffed surprise!

Corrigan had a rough weekend with an on-and-off fever and generally feeling yucky.  This morning I scored an appointment with his actual pediatrician (his doctor is part of a medical group and it is easy to see a Physician’s Assistant but the actual doctors book up pretty quickly) for a same day appointment.

The doctor agrees with Corrigan’s dentist, that his tonsils are pretty large but they are not touching so he didn’t think an ENT would want them removed, but he did agree with me that his restricted throat, combined with his oral aversions, could cause us to lose what teeny bit of eating he does by mouth.  He sent us over to the lab for a strep test but anticipated it would be negative.

Nope. Positive.


So another 10-day round of antibiotics and then an appointment with an ENT for later in February.  We had to hurry home because his noon meds were due and Corrigan asked to go to bed as soon as we walked in the door.  I no sooner laid him down for a nap when the doorbell rang and the UPS driver delivered this box..

…that is one tall box!

When Corrigan finally woke, three hours later, we opened the box and discovered a BIG surprise!

Corrigan was fascinated but very cautious. I wish I knew what he was thinking, he approached it very carefully and then raised his hand to tell the giraffe “hello.”

Corrigan made Connor pick him up every time he wanted to see the “dog” (we need to work on our animals) and once he felt sure that Connor wasn’t going to put him down, he would laugh and talk to the giraffe. As the evening has gone by, so has Corrigan’s nervousness and now we need a name. What should we name Corrigan’s new friend?

I know that you did not do this to get a public “shout out” so I will just say that I very much appreciate your kindness to my sweet boy. I know you wanted to do something nice for him because of the difficult season he is going through and we are so thankful for not just the amazing giraffe, but for your friendship. Thank you, G.

You brought a smile to his face on a day that the smiles were hard to come by.

2 thoughts on “A stuffed surprise!

  1. I am SO jealous. That brought a smile not just to Corrigans face, but mine too. “Geoffrey Giraffe” I think is a great name. Of course, I think I misspelled Geoffrey, but… lol.

    The expression on the stuffies face is almost as cute as Corrigans. Thank you “G”.


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