I’m stir-crazy and blogging. ramble ramble ramble.

You’re just going to have to bear with me as I get all of this “oh my happy day, I got my camera back” out of my system.  And because Corrigan is the only person in the house not able to physically remove the camera from my hands, you will be seeing a lot of him around here.   It isn’t working perfectly, my focal points still do not work and the shutter button is a bit iffy-but photos! Again! hooray!

Not much to report today other than both Corrigan and I woke with an annoying cough which is an irritation to me but a real problem for Corrigan because he is already so easily talked into vomiting that all of his coughing is causing him to be quite nauseated.  I can’t afford for him to be losing fluids and calories right now, when his body is fighting off infection every single drop matters, yet when a coughing fit hits him we risk losing everything in his tummy from the shaking.

He is in a great mood though, far better than the one he was in yesterday (oy vey!), and it is nice to see him running around the house laughing and being silly.  I found him playing quietly, over in the main living room, earlier this morning and quickly tiptoed away to grab my camera.

My sister sent up a big box full of these large foam letters at Christmastime ( I owe you still, sis. I will square up this weekend!) and I think that today was the first he really realized how amazing they were.  I need to remove the plastic hanging-tags though. Also, we tore the “V” somehow. Now it is kind of just a check mark.

So what else? Aside from a trip to the pediatrician yesterday, Corrigan and I have not been out of the house since last Thursday afternoon. I am so thankful that we are living in such a spacious house, with so many places for Corrigan to run and play, because I can’t imagine how stir-crazy he would be, at this age, and stuck indoors for so many days and no space to really get out from under Mom. And her camera. Crazy woman.

Oh! So I keep telling Mark that it kind of breaks my heart to pick Corrigan up from school each day and not be able to have any meaningful conversation about how his day went. He just doesn’t have the words, nor the conversational skills to carry on any sort of back-and-forth interactions and I end up talking to myself for the first mile or so as we pull out of his school parking lot. All the while Corrigan sits obliviously back in his car seat and periodically yelling “I WANT M!” (he wants fries from McDonald’s)

I remember picking Connor up from preschool (a million years ago) and how hysterically he shared little tidbits from his mornings. Oh man, that kid was (is) funny. Other than the report I get from Corrigan’s teacher at pickup time, I really have no clue what goes on during his mornings away from home. When I picked Corrigan up, one day last week, I was struggling to get him buckled into his carseat with his fluffy winter coat still on, so I had yet to start my one-sided chatter with Corrigan about his day but that day Corrigan decided to take the initiative.

Me: (huffing and sweating as I try to adjust his car seat straps to accommodate his coat)

Corrigan: (touches my hand and looks at me) ” I went cool?!”

Me: (startled) “yes, you sure did go to school!”

Corrigan: “Round and round, round and round?”

Me: “Yes! You did ride the bus to school!”

Corrigan: (Smiles as if he is thrilled I understand him)

Me: “Did you have a good day today baby?”  <—not sure what I really said here but something to keep him talking

Corrigan: ” I COLORED!” he yells, throwing his hands in the air.

Me: Oh baby, you just made my entire week. I am so happy you COLORED! (and then I smothered him with kisses until he swatted me away)

It was the first back and forth interaction we have ever had. His phrases were formed in a way to imply he was asking me a question, waiting on a reply, and I am certain that my monster-sized grin encouraged him to keep going. After all, I was only inches from his face when this all occurred. I can’t WAIT until something like that happens again. I know it is simple and cheesy but some of you understand how big this was.

Speaking of the little rascal, my vacuum smells like coffee.  Doesn’t yours?

Once in awhile I splurge and buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee. There is just something so much better about only grinding up exactly what you need for the pot of coffee you are making but realistically, if I am dragging out the grinder and making all of that noise (I know, I am such a whiner) I am going to grind up a few day’s worth.  So I did just that last week and placed what I didn’t use in a lidded plastic container on the counter, next to the pot.

Anytime Corrigan is quiet, and he nearly always chatters or makes noises at all times, it is best to stop what you are doing and find him. Pronto. Well, he was quiet and I got my butt moving to figure out where he might be and as I came through my den and into the hall next to the kitchen, the smell of freshly ground coffee hit my nose.  Just before I turned into the kitchen, Corrigan walked around the corner, looking totally innocent, except for the dark brown nose on his face.

So I did what every mom would do, I bent down and sniffed his nose, because yeah. I’m not touching anything until I figure out what I am up against.  It was coffee. He opened his mouth to say something and his teeth were brown as well.

Coffee grounds.

The kitchen was covered in coffee. I have no idea how he even reached the container, let alone found it interesting enough to take off the lid and then…what? Joyously wing it up into the air and then snorting it like an aardvark off of the kitchen floor?  There was coffee in crevaces I didn’t know existed and I’m pretty sure it was less than a 1/4 cup of ground coffee. Does it quadruple in volume when it is tossed in the air? What a mess.

Have I mentioned that I love my ShopVac? Seriously, they should be paying me for all of the free advertising I give them, I can’t not have one in my house. So yeah now, despite emptying the collection container and shaking out the filter, the smell of coffee still fills the air every time I vacuum.  Which isn’t awful except it is more of a coffee infused, stale dirt, dog hair aroma rather than a freshly brewed pot.  Ick.

Changing the subject again….

…it seemed appropriate and I am pretty sure that Toys R Us owns the copyright on Geoffrey the Giraffe anyway. (smile)

Big brother is kicking butt, and taking names, in high school. Connor brought home his second report card this year and, once again, straight A’s! I told him that he was well on his way to being class valedictorian but then I let it slip that the valedictorian has to make the graduation speech and he immediately decided to start getting D’s so that could never, ever happen.

The kid really hates everyone looking at him.  If you attended any of his birthday parties when he was little, you totally remember what happened when anyone dared to look at Connor when it was his turn at the pinata.  I should have added “Please RSVP and WHATEVER YOU DO…DON’T LOOK AT THE BIRTHDAY BOY OR HE WILL FREAK OUT” on every invitation.   My oldest son is amazing and I want the world to know it, and he will work hard and get straight A’s for the rest of his school career, but do NOT ask him to give a speech (just hand over all of the scholarship money, okay?)

Corrigan isn’t afraid though. As long as he can wear a foam letter on his head and yell “I COLORED!” you got yourself a graduation speaker!

My boys are both so cool. I just love ’em so much. Also, how fantastic are my fake fireplace logs? They not only light up in simulation of fire but (try not to be jealous) they also crackle like uh…well, not really like logs, but more like….popping corn?  Totally realistic. I love fake warming my freezing hands on my fake fire.

Okay, I have rambled enough and I have so much laundry to do but I am so not motivated.    I keep walking past this pad of orangy-yellow Post It notes that is on the carpet near my computer and every single time I think to myself “why is there a slice of cheese on my floor?!?!?!” and then my brain remembers it is not cheese, but a Post it and then I walk away and never pick it up. Then ten minutes later I am like “Cheese?” and then I remember again and leave it there.

What? Quit looking at me like that…

 I’m unmotivated and I am, apparently, craving a grilled cheese sandwich.

See ya!

4 thoughts on “I’m stir-crazy and blogging. ramble ramble ramble.

  1. I enjoyed this post so much! Oh, those foam letters would have thrilled my kids when they were little! We just had the magnetized ones on the fridge (which would drive me crazy these days. I like my fridge pretty bare now! But I miss the little kid artwork.) Stopped by from SITS–enjoyed it!


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