Mr. Steve and Jammin Java: making memories

It is a rare treat that we are able to do something fun that is specifically for Corrigan.  By the time Connor was Corrigan’s age, he had already been to Disney World, Kings Dominion, Hershey park and the beach a handful of times but those things are difficult for Corrigan because of his anxiety, his health and feeding-tube scheduling issues and our own reluctance to travel far from Corrigan’s hospitals.  Not to mention things are quite different, financially, in 2012 than they were in the late 90’s.  Mark hasn’t had a vacation in over ten years and it shows in all of our stress levels.

The only time Little C leaves the house seems to be for either school, therapy or doctor’s appointments that involve super fun things like needles and other medical interventions.  What a life. But this weekend we were finally able to do something for Corrigan that would rock his world.  My heaven’s, Mark and I smiled for hours and we still are so thrilled that we were able to make a good memory for our littlest man.

Want to see?

First, a quick detour….go here (first paragraph) —-> CLICK! (then come back!)

Two and a half years later, guess who got to finally see “Uncle” Steve?

(I have no idea what he was doing here, I promise they are not gang signs.  Probably.)

We packed up the car, tossed Corrigan’s guitar in the trunk and drove a few hours to the Jammin Java club in Vienna, Virginia.  Corrigan wouldn’t have understood if we told him where we were going in advance but I hoped that he would catch on when we arrived.  As soon as we walked to our seats (front row, sweet!) he looked up and surprised us all by yelling “STEVE SONGS!”

Again, he will not say Mommy. Or Daddy. Or Connor. Or his own name. But he will say Jericho (our dog) and Steve Songs.  Hmmmm….

One of the best things about Corrigan is that he doesn’t understand to be embarrassed or ashamed. He doesn’t know how to lie. He is exactly who he is, without a lick of anything fake and what he was, on Saturday, was a super fan. A butt shaking, jumping and singing super fan. It was fantastic.

I have zero experience in concert photography, and I know I could have shot these better, but while grainy I think they convey the experience well.  These kids were happy.  Little whirlwinds all over the place and Corrigan was out there among them all, spinning and hopping and squealing.  Steve and his band are wonderful.

The parents were singing along as loudly as the kids, one of the best things about Steve is that he writes songs that are fun and educational for the kids (we sang a song about adverbs!) but also catchy and not at all annoying, for the parents.

The band played a song that was new to us, about bubbles, and you know how much Corrigan loves bubbles…and then someone turned on a bubble machine and the front of the stage turned into some free-for-all, toddler mosh pit.  I saw a dad race across the floor and scoop up his one-year old just before the mob of bubble junkies knocked both Dad and baby over.

 (Save me Dad!)

It was a small crowd, maybe 25 families, and plenty of room for everyone to break out their fanciest moves.  Or their mom-staring talents..

We hoped that there would be a meet-and-greet after the show and the entire band was gracious and stuck around to meet their little fans (and their parents, let’s face it, we were all geeking out to meet Mr. Steve, from PBS!) Corrigan was a little tentative when it was time to meet his favorite musician, and he clung tightly to Daddy’s shirt, but Steve was warm and kind.

He was more than happy to autograph Corrigan’s DVD and his Christmas guitar too…and so did the rest of the band!

It was just such a fun way to spend a few hours. Corrigan danced the entire time, he literally never stopped, and while I do not know what his little mind was thinking about everything, I feel pretty confident that we made a true memory for him. That Steve Songs and his band made those memories first, bringing to life the songs that he has spent countless hours watching on TV at home and in the hospital. Thanks Mr. Steve!

 (Connor’s jacket matches the club. Weird.)

7 thoughts on “Mr. Steve and Jammin Java: making memories

  1. NOW I remember that I was in the middle of a digression! How wonderful this is! Like magic. Like Corrigan going to his own little Cirque du Soleil (which would thrill him to pieces, I think. Did me).

    When I was a kid, I saw so many John Wayne movies and Jimmy Stewart movies, I felt I knew them personally. It must have been that way for Corrigan. What wonderful memories for all of you.



  2. Thanks guys! It was really a wonderful weekend. I am so happy we took the risk and bought tickets!( thought for sure we would be sick, it would snow or something car-related would happen!)


  3. What a beautiful story! And what an honor to play for Cor, and for all of you. Thank you for making the long journey to see us.
    – Anand Nayak (stevesongs producer and guitarist)


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