Drum solo!

It’s been awhile, right? Corrigan has been one sick kid since he started school in the Fall.  We knew going in, that he was likely to pick up every little germ that was in the school but we didn’t think that one illness would run into another until it felt like he was sick for 6 months straight.  Most recently, the little turkey picked up his second dose of strep since December and has a cough/congestion that will not leave.

The silver lining is that he has been metabolically stable since the end of the first week in January and even though it has been a real struggle to keep the proper amount of calories and fluids in him, Corrigan’s ammonia has been lower than it has ever been (when not hooked up to IV rescue meds) and we are very happy we chose to enroll him in the clinical trial for his new medicine.

He has spent a lot of time indoors, despite the above-average temperatures, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.  He alternates between jumping, coloring and playing music.  He allowed me to follow him around and snap some shots to show how he spends his mornings.


This little exercise trampoline has been put through its paces!

When Connor was little I had dreams of a musical prodigy.  Mark and I tried to expose Connor to every instrument that we could in hopes that something would perk up his interest and kick start something that would enrich his life.  I’m forever thankful that my parents made my sister and I practice so hard and allowed us to even play a musical interest in the first place, but no matter what we tried with Connor, he was simply not interested in playing an instrument.

He had drum sets, keyboards, and violin and guitar lessons.  I don’t consider it money, or time, wasted though.  How else do we know what we might like if we don’t give it a go?  With Corrigan, his interest in music, rhythm especially, was clear at a really early age.  He would bop his tiny baby-head in perfect rhythm to his toys and would light up whenever anyone played something musical for him.  Soon he wanted his own instruments and we started him out with shaker eggs and bongos.

Thankfully we kept Connor’s keyboard because Corrigan uses it fifty times a day. Or more.  We have to unplug it at night, because he wakes before the rest of the house and likes to really crank up the volume and jam at 5:30 am.  He may, or may not, have thrown the keyboard to the floor, the first morning that he woke and found that it would not turn on.

We have long since lost the keyboard manual that shows us which codes produce which songs, but Corrigan has memorized a few songs that he likes and he plugs those codes in over and over, pecking along and singing in his own language.

We bought him his own little drum set after Christmas but it wasn’t long before he jammed too hard and split the head on his little toy snare, so Uncle Dan first passed along a single, real snare that made him happier than bubbles and rainbows but yesterday Daniel sent over a full drum kit and Corrigan’s head exploded.

Daddy’s office is slowly turning into a recording studio.

While Corrigan and I pounded away, Mark ran outside to see if the neighbors could hear the racket and thankfully our home is built like an army tank and is relatively insulated for sound, so the gloves are off when someone picks up the drum sticks.

The big crash symbol is, of course, Corrigan’s favorite.

“Hey, Cor. Give me a cheesy smile if you like your drums!”

We watch a lot of YouTube videos together and Corrigan will sit for long periods of time as the videos play. He will even drag his own little set over to play along if the video shows a drummer. We primarily show him a lot of singer/accoustic guitar videos, and he has his own child-sized accoustic, but for some reason percussion has really tickled his fancy so we shrug, take two Tylenol and tell him that he is doing a GREAT job.

We don’t know what Corrigan’s future looks like. We don’t know if his struggles now are indicative of what his struggles will be a few years from now, or ten years down the road, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t try to give him the same opportunities that we gave his older brother. Corrigan may not be the best at school work (or he might, stick around!) but he might find his talent in something outside of a text book, and why shouldn’t he? Why shouldn’t we all have the chance to discover what makes us the happiest?

Maybe, in the long run, Corrigan’s joy won’t be with any musical instrument at all but no one can say we never gave him every opportunity to find out. Should probably buy him some junior-sized drum sticks first.

Oh, and those YouTube videos have also, apparently, demonstrated what a mic is for, because Mr. Music was singing his heart out while banging away just like a seasoned musician. This boy, he never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Rock on, Corrigan. Mommy is your biggest fan!

Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand –Stevie Wonder

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