There’s always a reason to smile

My post from earlier today was kind of heavy and I know that it can be difficult to talk about the suffering and struggles of loved ones living with rare disease but I want you to know that while it can be hard to watch my child go through the trials of his disorder, there are far more happy moments than sad ones in our life.

This child is joyful.

This child loves to laugh.

This child is sweet.

This child is spirited.

This child is the definition of innocence.

This child is a blessing to our family…disorder and all.

There is always a reason to smile. What is your reason today?

One thought on “There’s always a reason to smile

  1. I just happened upon your blog through comments made on the rare disease blog hop post. I’m so glad I did! I grew up with a rare disease (one that I still have, of course, and one that is progressively getting worse) but despite the endless medications, the two years of dialysis, the numerous operations, and (now) the muscle wasting and further complications, I truly believe that there are more reasons to smile than not. Life is such a paradox…from hardship comes joy. Thank you for posting the pictures of some of those joyful moments! I’ll pray for your family. xo.


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