Camera Awesome: Awesomize your memories

I love using my iPhone for photos.  My point and shoot was stolen at the Pittsburgh Zoo and sometimes dragging around my DSLR isn’t convenient.  My phone is an older generation, a 3Gs, and this app works beautifully. I can’t imagine what beautiful photos it would produce with a newer model!

Now I sometimes like my photos to be a bit grungy but I realize that “grungy” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but don’t worry there are lovely “no-grunge” filters and effects with this app as well.  It is just that the buildings that are behind our house, and on both sides of our property, don’t make the prettiest backdrops for photos, but grunging them up kind of ties it all together.

Or I just like grunge.

Anyway, this is not a sponsored post, Camera Awesome has no idea who I am, but if you have been looking for some exciting new filters you might want to give this app a try.  I use Kubota actions in Photoshop and have loved them for years and years now, so when I saw that I could purchase Kubota filters with this app I couldn’t find my Valentine’s iTunes gift card fast enough.

The app itself is free and you can find it here.

“… it is by far one of the most full-powered camera apps I’ve used, and it marks an exciting advance for smartphone cameras.” – The Wall Street Journal

Here are some photos from yesterday that I snapped with my phone…(the app does not make collages-I made mine using Picnik)

My only suggestion is that for future updates, it would be nice to have some control over the effects that I use. A slider to decrease, or increase the effect would make this app a 5 star winner!


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