Friday phone dump: 2nd week of March

I didn’t take a lot of photos with my phone this week. I had the DSLR out more than usual but here are a few from my phone…

1)  The boys.  Corrigan never wants to make eye contact and Connor looks like he is willing my phone to fly from my hands with the power of his gaze.

2) Old toys are new again as Corrigan is finally learning how to play “appropriately” with his toys.  He used to just push the car up and down the ramp, now he happily rides it down over and over again.

3) Stopping for strawberries after school.  I loved that he was oblivious to the candy on the stand beside him, he only wanted those strawberries!

4) Car ride to someplace or another.  It was a beautiful week, weather-wise, so we took a lot of rides to get out of the house and get some wind in our hair.

5) Someone needs a haircut pronto.

6) Me. Sitting on the back steps. Wind in hair. No makeup, tired.  Still a good day!

7) Another car ride.  With his $2.00 wooden xylophone we found at a discount grocer. Score!

8)  Corrigan looking out over the lake on his first big-boy hike.  Awesome memory.


Have a great weekend!


Your comments are appreciated!

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